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  1. It’s a worry that’s for sure, I honestly feel that once we go a goal down in games that we are going to struggle to then score two to hit the lead. Even the year we finished third we didn’t have a 15 goal striker but everyone I think from memory scored a goal that season, right now we have centre backs who get white line fever and won’t push forward in attack. Hopefully they work their butts off at training with no fixture this weekend and play bounce games and somehow try to get a bit of cohesion and all on the same page
  2. Hendry needed to at least hit the target instead of blasting over with that chance in the second half, we didn’t muster much at all in the second half and that chance should of been buried
  3. I vote for the fans who parted with their cashola to watch that performance they are the real MoM or MVP or anything else you want to call it.
  4. Gee it took 90 mins to wipe out the good vibes I was feeling after the transfer window and our last few results, throw in the scum winning this has possibly been the worst result for the season I reckon
  5. We won’t play all of them together so what does everyone think is the players rankings in CD’s eyes? Is Hendry no 1 or is it still Stevie M or is it Ciftci or will it be Yoghi Bear? I just hope whoever they are that they catch fire and start to get good service and they start to bang them in. COYS
  6. I bet if Blair played for one of the two ugly sisters than his international clearance would of been signed, sealed and delivered in time for the very next game
  7. I think if we can get more then a 3 point gap on Dundee then I think we will see them self destruct for the remainder of the season, this is a massive game for us, I hope we go 442 and press them in defence and play with a little bit of freedom knowing we are not coming last for the first time in a long time COYS
  8. If he knocks back 2 grand a week, surely we won’t be offering that kind of dosh?
  9. Was their goal scorer Forrest or Anderson?
  10. Circle this date in your calendars there is going to be a baby boom in 9 months time in and around Perth Kinross and the number one choice of name will be Ali for either sex
  11. How did that youngster Rudden play tonight? surely he scored a brace for his high scoring high achieving high flying team
  12. In Callum we trust haha Two games in a row without defeat, the losing run is over COYS
  13. I’d settle for playoffs right now and then take out chances over the two legs
  14. The attitude is the key I think, hopefully the new lads can work their backsides off to impress the coaching staff/fans which hopefully will shame the ones who have been going through the motions knowing they won’t get dropped. COYS
  15. So how would everyone rate our transfer window dealings? loans are back with their club plus a handful of new players in. on paper alone I would give us a B+ Thoughts?
  16. 7 goals alone against Rangers for 1 out of 9 points taken
  17. Watching Rangers v RC on tv now down here and Rangers picked up a 19 year old on loan from Man U and he scores after 5 mins, I wonder if our recruiting team ask these clubs for strikers or only take whatever is offered?
  18. He was first players name I mentioned in the list when I started the thread.
  19. Let’s look at the positives it’s been two weeks since our last defeat, let’s hope Dundee lose to the fake Saints
  20. If it’s going to be crappy weather then let’s hope the boys get up in their face and press as high as they can and then see how much bottle Aberdeen have in them, the pressure is all on them as everyone expects them to stream roll us for the 3 points COYS