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  1. If we do go down and it takes a few seasons to come back up, then how long till we become a part time club? if we can’t attract players of quality now then what will be the standard of players we will be looking at in the lower levels. staying up and a mid table finish each year is where the bar is set in my eyes, the media don’t see us as anything other then a small town team, but playing against Ayr or Alloa or Cowdenbeath as an example is something this club should accept as being acceptable.
  2. Hi mate i went 0/0 and no scorer too Cheers Perry
  3. Does anyone know if the club is holding one of these before the end of the season? Tickets for that would sell better then season tickets haha C’mon Mr Brown organise the evening
  4. Hendry running away with the poll, I wonder if he has friends and neighbours on his voting. I hope he can be one of the missing pieces we need to start the fight back
  5. Well CD will be happy we didn’t lose I guess. how bad did the injury to Ciftci look?
  6. I know I’m probably sounding like a drama queen but I honestly think our season ends if we lose tonight. I can’t see us gaining 5 points on them in the remainder of the seasons games. If we can nick an early goal then I think we might see a different team, if we go behind then I fear heads will drop and we will play long ball after long ball building no pressure on them. COYS
  7. Nothing has worked up front for us this season as yet so a combo of Ciftci and Hendry can’t be any worse than what’s gone before us this season
  8. The only loyalty in football is generally the fans, the player will chase the money or move to a bigger club etc, that’s the business, in 10 years time when all the players who took the field against Kelty have long moved on or retired, the only constant will be the supporter who puts their hand in their kick each week who attends games, buys merchandise and supports the club both physically and emotionally. Not all players are like that and every club will have stalwarts who buy into what the fans go through each week and they will get it that the fans are frustrated and will totally understand that the fans passion whether it’s some fans yelling abuse or fans holding up signs saying Joe Blow out for example is all down to them only wanting the best for their club.
  9. If they are not following his instructions surely it means he has lost the dressing room?
  10. I dont think he will walk, as I’m sure if he is sacked there will be some kind of financial settlement for him compared if he walks himself. Not many people survive 10 straight losses in football these days unless you are from Fort William haha
  11. Heading into the current season we had just won the double and we’re off on European adventure yet we bought in players of questionable abilities to replace the quality we lost. We obviously were never double champions and had no euro football but I was thinking of the quality players we were able to attract still in years gone by Sergei Paul Wright Allan K Jason Scotland Nick D Paul Hartley Billy Dodds Jody Morris thats just to name a few off the top of my head, but how can we go from there to not being able to sign players who are game changes for us?
  12. What players will want to willingly join us right now, if we are not paying overs for them? how do we sell our club to them?
  13. What player would want to join us at present if we are not paying overs to get them?
  14. Bloody hell, Fort William could beat us at present
  15. 119th min winner via OG- only way we can score Haha COYS
  16. A win today and hopefully another hit out for Cleary and Ciftci and Gallagher is what the good old doctor is prescribing
  17. For me I honestly thought after the impossible double and European football that this would see our club set up for the next few years both financially and stability wise and that we would of had players wanting to join us, I guess loosing the two boys at the end of the window set the scene for us to go backwards but I didn’t see us going back so quickly. if the club decided to let CD go then it can’t afford to wait for another 6 weeks of these results to act, I guess a team lacking of ideas and tactics and fight doesn’t look good fir any manager. I read on here in another thread someone posted I hope we lose to Kelty, no matter how bad things are or how bad our coaches and players have been performing, I would never hope for our team lose any game.
  18. Posted at 8:168:16 GOAL HEARTS 2-0 St Johnstone Josh Ginnelly It's the same combination! St Johnstone striker Nadir Ciftci gives the ball away, Barrie McKay surges forward and slides it to Josh Ginnelly who sticks it in the top corner. Lethal.
  19. It’s going to be a straight shoot out between us and the scum, to get to the playoff spot, if we can’t score goals our defence needs to be on song for the remainder of the season
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