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  1. Perfect stream there if anyone needs. COYS
  2. Pretty decent stream right there
  3. Really need an experienced back up CB and a striker, we can't keep giving Cummins chance after chance. Midfield is looking great though.
  4. Is that Tommy Wright shouting in the background??
  5. There is hope in that line up. Come on saints, do us proud!
  6. It's listed on this site and they are usually pretty trustworthy COYS
  7. They are either passing the short ball really well or we are just that bad
  8. Flew back from Poland with Whizz a few weeks ago, their hand luggage allowance is half the size of ryan airs and must fit into the cage before boarding, anything bigger than a small backpack then they sting you with a 40 euro charge. Nae suitcases whatsoever. They give you a tag for "small" hand luggage or "large" hand luggage when you pass security and if you get given the large sticker theb you better hoped you have paid for it in advance. Saw a few pissed off people get lumped with the charge at the gate.
  9. Will be funny to see the noise that the saints fans will make there.
  10. Worrying....
  11. That interview with O'Halloran by the way, not a mention of saints who have shown loyalty for him. Uggghh sevco though
  12. Ryan Dow and Swanson with the money please.
  13. Pissed off yet again at our in ability to play in semi finals. Even the first half against Aberdeen at ibrox we were piss poor. That was a shambles today. Never got out of first gear. Sloppy passing..Communication between players was non-existent and we ended up getting what we deserved which was hee-haw. Serious questions need to be asked of a few individuals. Was a shocker. Full credit to hibs they worked hard in all areas of the pitch and played a good counter attack.
  14. 2 saints tickets on the hibs forum available. Near the bottom of the page
  15. Any guys getting train from Glasgow soon? I have 16 beers to myself :/
  16. I need one too This is really feking silly now
  17. Stick O'Halloran up top for the last 20 minutes. I hope this isn't the start of a goal drought...
  18. Strange line up... Hope it works! since when did our squad become so versatile??!
  19. Into this lot from the start today, Im hoping they are ruined from the experience of playing Bache in Turkey. Keep the Faith COYS
  20. Rotten all over the park. Players should be playing for those fans in the corner