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  1. SammyJ

    Season Tickets

    I can't believe we go through this every year. Why not just put everyone on a monthly Direct Debit and then they wouldn't have the expense of annual renewals like this? Could offer different packages for different levels of fanaticism....
  2. It's price! For the majority of people out there £22 doesn't represent value when compared with the alternatives of which there are many and their quality tends to increase over time. Yes more promotion will help but only marginally.
  3. There will be three of us in the stadium tomorrow me in the saints end and my two best mates in the united end. The guy who should be standing beside me completing the quartet died when he was 21. Never forgotten and always missed. I will sing for two.
  4. SammyJ

    Cup Final Song

    OK how about - “Don’t Stop Believin” - Journey
  5. Will post this on mi perthshire COYS
  6. Stream seems to have gone down altogether - any other links?
  7. Pints in the Mallard before the game followed by 2-1 saints.......COYS!