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  1. Did you rip his Panini sticker out of your album after this?
  2. "Giving Europe a miss" is probably the most ridiculous thing I've seen on here, even after taking into account 3,265 RandomGuy posts. I agree with Broon, 500k would probably see him away, which is sad as we should be going for 750k in my opinion. However I don't think Sevco have even 500k, they're only playing at being interested to show their fans they're a pure massive club with a 'war chest'. Because of that I don't think he'll go in January as there doesn't seem to be much interest from anyone else.
  3. I have also not got a ticket yet so I agree a new stadium needs building in case this happens again. An absolute outrage and something must be done, by someone.
  4. That's a shame, used to like reading his posts.
  5. Yep I'd agree that semi did the damage. Mannus is steadier overall, but I think Enks won us more games. He also lost us a few more, but I think on balance the excellent games outweighed the clunkers.
  6. Also, just to add that my grandad fought in World War II and would not have wanted to see any hint of a jingoistic celebration. No doubt some others of his generation would be in favour of it, but I think it's quite shameful that some people presume to take offence on behalf of a diverse group, when really what they are presenting is their own agenda.
  7. Interesting discussion. I agree with those saying the minute's silence is enough. I also personally do not agree with having that at a football game, but I'm OK with it happening. Anything on top of that potentially strays into a celebration of our current armed forces: a much more contentious area which I think is best left alone. It's clear from the opinions on here there's far from a consensus around it like there more or less is with the minute's silence.
  8. I'd forgotten about him. An unfortunate time. We have had a lot of good keepers over the years. Of the ones I've seen I would rate Main the highest, then Enks, then Mannus. Enkckleman is a bit of a forgotten man at Saints - I would still argue he was a better keeper than Mannus, although I understand why he lost his place.
  9. Don't think it deserves a ban, but fair enough him being charged. I haven't seen anyone at all being 'outraged' at this, despite the PC police straw men that have been constructed. It was however a silly thing to say and not the sort of comment I would personally want associated with Saints. Hopefully he apologises (instead of posting more Malcolm X quotes) gets a warning, and that's it done.
  10. He's tweeting Malcom X quotes about media distortion. I'd ban him for 2 games for that alone.
  11. The manager has been backed plenty this summer, credit where it's due. As Kyle says, if he choses to have so many defenders in the squad rather than a winger, that's his look out.
  12. Wonderful. Should have been signed before the Europe game. Someone made a mess there, either Wright or Broon.
  13. I like seeing SWFCOWL's perspective, and I'd say his opinion of May is understandable. He might be special to us but he's just another player to them who's not done anything for them yet. We'd be the same if we signed a lower division player.
  14. monkfish


    Yuck. Points for trying something different though.
  15. Excellent pre season so far, no need to soil it with Scott Robertson