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  1. Incredible to think that it's 20 years now since the match in Monaco. What a trip away it was.
  2. Since he isn't black, which the guest of the club is, it won't be him.
  3. And online from Campus Sports new site You'll also get 20% off shirt printing with them too
  4. Not quite the case. Macron change their logo every couple years, for reasons known only to them. The one on the kits we have only came out in 2016/17 time. The new logos are phased into stock over time. For this year, in terms of strips they only have three which are new for 2019. I personally thought we would have gone for the Canopus, one of the new kits. Anyway, the strips Saints have chosen are both current until end of 2021, so not exactly surplus.
  5. There were long sleeve ones for players, but I don't believe any went on public sale.
  6. Just away to post, bit of story of the season, United took their two chances and the defending on them could have been better. Saints created more but failed to make the most of it.
  7. Tayside Derby this afternoon...
  8. Yeah it is, she is a talented and clever player, so she should do fairly well with us. One of the other goals from Sunday here, with some neat build up play
  9. She will be signed/registered to Saints but with the intention of to going back to Hibs, hence loan wording. I believe the registration system is different in that respect.
  10. All about technicalities and wording in this case. Ashley's goal is to get back into the Hibs side, so, she was 'released' by them which meant she could play for as a trialist, for up to three games, to see if she wanted to sign, which she, as you're aware, has done. Here is her free kick from Sunday
  11. As Mainstand said, 14-0 today against a Hutchie Vale side who only had 11 players with them.
  12. Details for tomorrow's match
  13. Womens team, as has been said already, very much on the go. The womens team have their own end of season awards - so there will be nothing at the end of season one at Dewars. As well as the Twitter page shared, there is a Facebook page too The team have two home matches coming up on the next two Sundays, firstly Hutchison Vale this Sunday and then Dundee United on the 28th. Matches have a 4pm kick off, are played on the astro, £3 entry, programmes £2, and there are refreshments on sale too. Goals from Sunday
  14. The last filing on there for BLK Sport Holding is the 18th December of the notice to dissolve the company. BLK Sport UK (in liquidation) filed a confirmation back in 2017. Looks like everything has been moved from the current BLK Sport Holding to the sister company, RU Active.