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  1. All you naysayers when we were on a bad run.STFU nobody gives a Flying Feck for yer negativity.! Or yer football " knowledge " .! Stick yer nappers up yer erse.!LAUGH OUT LOUD
  2. Spot the Goal competition.! Eejits.!
  3. We have moved into the top six.! LAUGH OUT LOUD.
  4. And yer Bumpin yer Gums ! Thinkin this is the Life.! And ye wake up every morning and yer heid feels Twice the Size ! Coz yeve got a wee bit back up with yer well minted Wife.! Where ye gonnae Go.! Where ye Gonnae Go.! WTF Dingwall.!!
  5. croc

    ICT v Saints

    He is 900 pounds lighter on his wallet side.!
  6. It would be nice to help them into the play off spot.Thinking back a few seasons ago when their players and manager were all over the ref to demand he sent off Ricky and Danny after their wee fracas.! When it was feck all to do with them.!
  7. Matty Kennedy what a Find.! Great play with confidence .! Great Saints support but I thought a bit subued .!? Shame about Hearts winning.!
  8. We worked hard for that point and another clean sheet.! I thought Killie were going to snatch the three points for a period .! Not too bad to watch for a 0-0 .! Boyd is making a pure C£$T of himself .!
  9. Did you work underground and undercover.!?LAUGH OUT LOUD
  10. If someone had said at half time that it would finish 0-6 I would have had another pie tae celebrate.! I thought another anti -record for us was on.! First thing I did when I got home was to have a wee smoke to continue my celebration.!LAUGH OUT LOUD p.s. It was a Hamlet I smoked.!LAUGH OUT LOUD
  11. Are you going to do a rethink.!?LAUGH OUT LOUD
  12. Ye wouldnae say that when ye tried tae get the Two Stroke Mix right ye might end up !"Puuppa Pappa Pickin a Penguin."! LAUGH OUT LOUD
  13. Thanks Mr Attenborough thats why Polar Bears dinnae Eat Penguins I suppose.! But I am standing on ma heid after that result.!LAUGH OUT LOUD
  14. Watch OOT .! there is a Penguin Behind Ye.!LAUGH OUT LOUD