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  1. I didn't deserve that. I know this sounds soft, but I joined this forum for a bit of banter about Saints, not to take aggressive abuse. I'm out.
  2. Tommy Wright is the manager and leads the team out. If you want to thank Geoff, how about a wee letter?
  3. What some people might be worried about is no concessions after the JS allocation runs out. It's £35 a ticket after that.
  4. We'd have done bloody well under that rule if it ever existed.
  5. Must be close to selling out our original allocation in the Jock Stein stand
  6. I just got through after all morning on redial - then had to listen to the phone ringing out for a couple of minutes before it was answered. I thought they were taunting me! Interesting that they asked for my email address when I ordered. Can't remember them doing that last time I called.
  7. Why on earth would they do that? There's still tickets available for United fans - unless they're that desperate to save £7 that they'd sit with the other team's supporters?
  8. That's impressive - wonder how they can physically shift that many, unless there are online sales too? I'm still calling Saints number - the engaged signal feels rather quaint these days.
  9. yep, I've said this too - nearly halfway there already
  10. The people who bothered to turn up for the semi already have their reward: they were present at one of the outstanding results in Saints' history. Isn't that enough? There will be plenty of tickets to go round.
  11. To put that into context, there will be Saints fans watching this final who were on the terraces supporting the club when Tommy Muirhead was boss, and before Sandy McLaren picked up his first cap. Or on a global scale, before Hitler came to power in Germany. All that time a fan, and only now the chance to win the Scottish Cup. Our history may not have been paved with trophies, but it's a rich heritage all the same.
  12. I think it has to reference St Johnstone - can't be too clever with the name otherwise a lot of people just won't get it. Just call it 'St Johnstone Finale' - with the last three letters of finale in a lighter colour to bring out the ale aspect
  13. A list to bookmark for future reference: Teams that are far too good for Stevie May Southampton: “Do people, even in Scotland, still look like that?” Celtic: “Don't know if he'd get a game if Watt comes back” Rochdale: “He has a ponytail.” Rangers: “Big difference scoring for the st johnstones of this world , different matter doing it at Ibrox." Nottingham Forest: “[scores] against pub league defenders.” Aberdeen: “We already have a better striker in Rooney” Sunderland: “99% [of Scottish players] are shite” Preston: “Don't want him, don't like his hair” Peterborough: "He plays for a pub team."
  14. Aye, it's like those commentators who will inevitably insinuate during the World Cup that without Spain/Brazil/Germany in the later stages, the whole competition is devalued. Suspect McInnes has earned it so far - but who cares? If we win the Scottish Cup, that's the only award Tommy will care about