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  1. I hope we don’t sign players on loan from clubs in our league. Pointless exercise as give it 6 or 12 months we are back in the same position trying to fill those places. After all the shitty performances and turmoil with signings from the manager and board the next signing needs to be a “Wow” player. Brown says we are lucky to have a team in Perth, he’s lucky folk still turn up. Keep your customers happy then more will come, the product at McD just now is rank rotten. TW surely has links in England if we are to look at loans but Saints aren’t exactly an attractive option for most. Hibs up next who largely struggled today but doubt we will have anyone in, think we need another 4.
  2. So it’s 3 1/2 weeks on from our last signing attempt. Complete shambles since and no sign of anyone coming in. Has Brown told Tommy that money is not available with him pissing it away with poor previous signings and loan signings. Plenty players have come in and barely played. Chased Scougall, signed him then barely played him to free him. Chased McMillan and he can’t get on the bench when we are struggling. Nydam amd Goss on loan. All money thrown away with very little impact or value to the cause. Panic signings will come in soon enough.
  3. That game was bloody awful. Some choppers in that United side.
  4. You’ll need a pot of at least £110,000 for a player. If at £1,000 a week it’s a base of £104,000 for a two year contract. You then have signing on fees for the player, agents fees for the negotiations and any players image rights. Thats all excluding the performance related bonuses too. You need 346 people to donate plus agree unanimously the player to sign. Nice idea but unless one individual sponsors/invests in a player and their deal it won’t happen. They said there was funds for the 3 year May deal. Surely that is still there?
  5. Notts County had a wee fire sale and we missed out on Hemmings. Think we’d be priced out of any of the guys at those teams.
  6. I told you to stop smoking the crack and drinking thon moonshine hahaha
  7. What kind of pint? I’m positive someone will make the deal happen on the choice of pint. Haha
  8. A draw considering how poor we have been over 5 games would be progress. I doubt the mess will get sorted as they’ve had 2 months to try and sort it and haven’t or couldn’t or wouldn’t. I think they’ll get a smash and grab goal and we will have heehaw to break them down to get a result. Hope I’m very wrong about it.
  9. Better off playing Kane, McMillan or Hendry. Was crap at Dundee, his transfer to Hearts raised eyebrows. Not playing much and lightweight.
  10. My thoughts too. People would have made an effort to go on Saturday if there was positivity with the squad. Buzz of a new signing or signings. Instead it’s not even a mediocre vibe.
  11. “The manager knows how we feel and how we work,” Brown said, with a laugh. “Tommy has been here a long time and you almost expect it now. You have a one-to-one – I want this, I want that. Well it’s not happening.” That quote sums it up. Suppose we should be ever thankful eh. Iron fisted club run as a dictatorship. My way or highway.
  12. Balotteli is still a free agent LAUGH OUT LOUD
  13. Wighton. Jeezo. May to Hemmings to Ex-Coag who can’t hit the target either. Sealed then on a 5 year contract.
  14. Why, if the May deal was dead again for the umpteenth time, did Saints not offer Hemmings a permanent transfer. Looks like he’s left by mutual consent from Notts County. It was evident of their financial issues so begs the question who the feck at McDiarmid deals with player recruitment, player negotiations and closing deals. As a club we are a disgrace in how slow we are at reacting to movements I The market. Dundee have signed a player who’d have done us a great job on a long term contract. They wanted him, offered him a contract and signed up. Easy as that. Who do we go for now, Brown only wants May on a reduced term contact, other targets have gone or are pie in the sky. The club reeks at the minute.
  15. These deals are why supporters stay away. Why should a non-season ticket holder pay £23 to get entertainment from their team. Yeah we should stick together through bad and good times but this is a dreadfully bad time that’s hammering everyone. In Tommy we trust and all that shite but I don’t trust Saints. We are loosing multiple opportunities to sign players perhaps due to arrogance.