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  1. Why do we insist on rushing players back! This is crap Saints. Get a new physio team or upgrade facilities as they are rubbish!!
  2. Should this thread now no be in other football? Nowt to do with saints! LAUGH OUT LOUD
  3. I don't think we should be happy and gloss over a pretty poor result. We now find ourselves miles behind 11 points behind Dundee(4 wins) and now a staggering 14 points behind Hamilton (5 wins). Championship is over is far as I'm concerned. Tie up Deuchar and Rocco on contracts and try next season. Lets be fair WE HAVE ONLY WON 4 GAMES IN THE LEAGUE THIS SEASON!! 28% conversion. Thats utter mince! Cmon Saints, get it sorted. Mid table finish with the Cup win is not acceptable for us!
  4. When we getting a DVD oot for the final? Who is doin one? I'll take one please....
  5. Honestly, Moore was mince (BIG FULL STOP). Sign Him, rid of Daal and Stewart. We need 4 strikers - Doc, Savo, Peaso and Jacko?!?!?
  6. CMON YA BIG DOBBA! All the best D Mc. Sensible option and someone who knows the players makes it really easy to keep things moving forward without disruption. Lets hammer Partick for a good start for Del! COME ON YE SAINTS! COME ON YE SAINTS!
  7. St Mikey

    Donald Park

    Think so but can never be sure............
  8. Coyle is no even away and we are trying to fill his shoes?? Are we some sort of backward boardroom - ie, get a new boy in and let him sit in the managers seat then let Coyle know he's pische that way?!!?!? Hmmmmm My choice would be.................anyone who doesnae sign numpty players. Seroiusly, mixu, latapy, moore etc would be going backwards, small team managers. They have minimal experience that warrants a level of job like this. Being honest I would do just as good a job as them
  9. He is currently still our manager, yes?? Why speculate?!?!?! We will know in good time if he decides to stay or go! This was the links to their website, bunch o fannybaws dinnae have him confirmed, LAUGH OUT LOUD. IDIOTS!! Then, oops, we made a mistake - I would want at least £500k for him. We are due that!
  10. Probably right, I can see them doing the players or officials a severe injury if it hit them!! LAUGH OUT LOUD
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    Has he got it ?

    The only thing I know is we are not WINNING! He is meant to pick the best 11 available to him and he doesn't drop anyone for poor performances or try and shake things up a bit. To me thats not good enough. When did Weatherston get a full game?? When did Sheerin not play when he is fit?? Does Main always get done by lobs?? draw v Clyde, lose v Dundee and draw v Dunfy = Not Very Good. Must improve before it gets beyond a laughing stock...........
  12. Long are the times of a quality inflatable at a game. Bananas, balls, beer bottles and chick young!! Anyone taking one for the cup final, think we should for better atmosphere if the game is p*sh. LAUGH OUT LOUD:cool:
  13. I can't comment anymore until we start playing again. I'll re-post "hahahahahahahahaha" after every game until we improve
  14. I can't comment anymore until we start playing again. I'll re-post "hahahahahahahahaha" after every game until we improve
  15. I think McCluskey is not good enough at the moment. He has got pace, skill and endeavour but is not a force when he loses the ball. Too lightweight. Needs a little more muscle
  16. In 9 games time! We are no very good the now......
  17. We are not overly competitive. You never see anyone hassle and tackle quickly against the opposition. We seem to forget the basic things. That comes from the management, oc and ss. We are goin wrong somewhere. More than a quarter gone and 10 odd points behind, poor. Doesnt matter if dundee and hamilton fade away, BECAUSE, we are chasing AGAIN!! Keep the faith is not good enough for us, get a grip and work harder sounds better.
  18. Poor performing players need dropped. No ifs or buts. Sheerin out - willie out to the left wing and weatherston on the right. Drop McInnes for moon if he is available. We need to freshen up. Drop main for cuthbert. Start wit Deuchar and peaso up from and when their defense is knackered bring jacko on. Stirling put 3 by them, livvy 4 and hamilton 5. I think this game will be far more difficult than some of you are acting. We have failed to shoot outside 18yrds. 2-1 saints.
  19. Seen as though everyone including a blind man can see, we are no longer competitive in the midfield after half time. Who is available for us to get, either on loan or potential transfer. I'm sure i'm not the only one annoyed with the long ball game in the 2nd 45.
  20. He cannae miss at the minute! Pity we don't have someone like that the now
  21. My point is getting 1 point from 2 games against Clyde, especially, is not good enough. Fair enough drop points in and around the teams around us but not a team who battle around the drop. If you wanna be smart look at: This shows Hamiltons results then compare ours with these ones for matching results. You'll no see a pattern will you.
  22. Ando for me, chasing two strikers the whole game. Put in a real hard shift. Rocco confuses me. He was ok in the 1st half and was vacant in the second half as it got a fair bit more physical. Doesn't seem the type to get tore in aboot players like Hardie. MAN WE MISS THE MAD MENTAL ONE! When is he back - We need him to win the league! Someone taking the WEEEE as putting Sheerin as MOM??
  23. What do people mean. Lets face facts, if Saints win the league it could possibly be a miracle. We are not showing form to be winning week in week out. We have played Dundee and Clyde twice - 2 draws and 2 defeats - not good enough is it? I guess no team fears us. I'll be honest and hope I'm wrong but 4th in the League and winning the Challenge Cup is possibly the best it could go...............
  24. Another poor performance and playing the "DONUT" formation!! Everyone round in a circle and bloody nobody in the middle!! We again shoot ourselves in the foot. How can we lose a game as a result of half-time. They are pros and should know to keep it tight for 10-15mins after halftime which didn't happen. If Coyle reads this my questions to him are: 1. Why do you insist on playing a left winger at right midfield? 2. How long do we have to endure old gits blowing out of there arse after 15mins, ie Sheerin, McManus and McInnes??? 3. Why do we not shoot from over 10 yards out from the goal? 4. Why the long ball ALL THE TIME when we never win any?!?!?!?! BOOOOOOO!