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  1. Does a grand job! Chopper needed told that his team are p*sh! LAUGH OUT LOUD I also like the way the music continued to play even when the game restarted in the 2nd half. Pure Class.
  2. Don't wanna sound harsh, but if I had a gun then pop pop pop. Shoot them, don't put them in prison. We pay for them to live in better conditions inside than being outside. Tax money flying everywhere for these lowlifes. Commit crime, then your dead! SORTED. I live in the toon and regularly find a random doode in my close blooootered outta his mind. Physical force and threats have sometime needed to be used as Tayside police, as they said to me on the phone, are addressing other higher rated serious events!?!?!?! What like some drunk doode wanting to fight me to get in my hoose?!?!? CRAZY WORLD!
  3. Very very true! But surely as the paying public and provider of cash to play these players then we have the right to show our disapproval and/or enjoyment at performances. I dinnae boooo, but simply groan at simple mistakes, not just by McInnes, but the whole team. Mon Da Blooooz
  4. I agree, Im sure his brother is that police commander match dude! LAUGH OUT LOUD When Mr Brown drove by me when I was in the queue, he didnt look happy. I reckon someones balls are on the chopping block for this. Lack of communication and guidance. Who was in charge?? Hopefully "The Board" can write up some new contingency plans or a better organised walk-through before home games
  5. Take him back in a shot! But I think we would not be able to get him due to the Fifa transfer rules, me thinks
  6. Must be the tartan strip. Was classic, or even going back to the Muirton Park days with the red away top with a white band across the middle with the Famous Grouse logo. Retro style. I liked the Umbro wan as well
  7. I think it can be a good thing at ponts, but being honest, they are professional football players and work throughout the week to do these things second nature. Encouragement at points, telling players off for not being focussed on other ocassions.
  8. AMAZING!!! That place was like a mini nou camp!
  9. 8 attempts and 2 on target v Partick, I knew I was close. 2 attempts on goal, simply, is not good enough
  10. I'll only go if I get a lift up with the team bus. Ain't wasting cash to go all the way up there for another, probably, goalless draw and penalties.
  11. St Mikey


    Lets use facts for a minute folks. Daal and Stewart are mince, from all the games i have seen they dont contribute enough for the team. I like Peaso, but, he will not get us 20+ goals a season. Look at his previous season without using the injury excuse. We also sign the 3rd Division top scorer and play him at right midfield. Good thinkin Owen?!?
  12. Dont want to sound at all funny but does anyone else think 0 wins from 5 is acceptable. Lookin at 1 defeat versus a crap clyde team is words from a relegation team. Not a championship winning team.
  13. Even he's no that good! I guess I'll be seeing Big Kev James, need the same specialist as him to sort me. Surgery beckons......
  14. I must apologise! It's a good one tho! The papers including the PA will use that when we win on sunday and he scores
  15. Or how about 3:15pm Sunday afternoon GOAL!!!!!!
  16. Agony? Thats one that sums up a few seasons
  17. I wasn't talking bout league games. I can't remember more than 3 or 4 v Partick midweek. We were poor.
  18. With Deuchar joining on loan........... ..... ..... Can the doctor give us a cure infront of goal? WE NEED A WIN
  19. Maybe I, Maybe no. Stats tell themselves, Name 07/08 Apps 07/08 Goals Career Apps Career Goals Richard Offiong 7 8 35(3) 24 Thats no bad going? Here's hoping the Doc gives us a cure?
  20. Everyone has their own opinion whether you agree or disagree. MAybe national press might show the players that no wins in 4 league games is far from acceptable. Lets at least muster more than 3 or 4 shots on target tomorrow. Partick game was mince, and no the good mince!
  21. Offiong probably 200k now maybe... Im a little worried bout kerkar tho. Another signing of an old player?! Maybe experience but hes no goin 2have the pace in midfield that mensing had. Time will tell.....
  22. With poor performances comes supporter unrest. We are not playing well, fact. We need some new faces, fact. But as we all get peevd bout results and the rubbish games. We will always support the mighty saintees where ever they play and whatever competition. We all have the faith. Cmon boys and dig out of this little rut! Mon the blooz
  23. We are only 4 games last season we had 8 points. 3pts in 4 this, thats what progress is viewed on. Not whos coming in. Can we blame the new pitch or new away-look home strip? Conspiracy? Any chance of getting fatty Ronaldo on loan for 6 months? anyone know his agent? LAUGH OUT LOUD