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  1. Thats a terrible thing to happen! He will surely be a Jnr Saintee and a True Saintee for Life. Mon the wee man
  2. McGregor is a quality shout, him and Rusty in the middle? Options and possibilities are massive tho, reckon OC knows who he wants and with SS as assistant, should be ok. What about Kenny "The Doc" Deuchar??
  3. Shitebags!!! Let me think of another player!! There was that guy for Clyde who smacked the post in the second half a week or so ago. Couldnae get his name but he seemed quite good going forward. Stevie Masterton I think? Also, same game, the guy at centre half who was captian me thinks?!?!
  4. I am still gutted! Some English t*** has nicked the bloody 1st Div Trophy from my team!! Here is a list of my bitterness: 1. Money can't buy love! But can buy you haddie pros to win leagues. They will rise just as quickly as they will now fall. See you as we past the basses next season. 2. Shite Ground - tinks cannae afford a stadium! I've played at better Junior grounds than that shite hole. 120 mile round trip for a home game?? Any guesses for a Gretna vs Aberdeen midweek game? 200? 300? 500??? 3. Nae Fans - 4 cars to an away game doesn't constitute away "support". 4. Fckn Twats - Brooks Mileson will probably be back in hospital by the end of the year! 5. COZ THEY IS ROBBIN CNTS! FAIRY TALES HAVE HAPPY ENDINGS, BUT THE SPL IS A HORROR! THEY ARE ALREADY GOING DOWN BEFORE THE SEASON STARTS!! HAHAHAHA:evil: 6. Shite day at work as a result now!! Shouldve blocked the A9 and battered all the fans as they drove by! LAUGH OUT LOUD
  5. My options would be these, hopefully!! Bryn Halliwell (26) - 2007 -> Release Kevin James (31) - 2007 -> Give 2 year contract Goran Stanic (34) - 2007 -> Give 1 year contract Steven Anderson (21) - 2007 -> Give 3 year contract Willie Dyer (19) - 2007 -> Give 2 year contract Paul Sheerin (32) - 2007 -> Give 1 year Neil Janczyk (23) - 2007 -> Release - Bring in Don Cowie fae RC Simon Mensing (24) - 2007 -> Give 3 year contract Derek McInnes (35) - 2007 -> Give 1 year Filipe Morais (21) - 2007 -> No Chance - Too much salary!! Jason Scotland (27) - 2007 -> Give 2 year contract - seroiusly he probably won't get a work permit for anything higher that League 1 in England. Mind he has not played many Internationals to qualify him for a higher level Andy Jackson (19) - 2007 -> Give 2 year contract Derek Lilley (32) - 2007 -> 1 year - help the youngsters Kevin Moon (19) - 2007 -> give 1 year contract Steven Doris (18) - 2007 -> Give 1 year contract Neil McCallum (19) - 2007 -> 1 year. Youngsters on 1 year as they need to seriously improve and show the ability and mental agility to cope with being a pro!! None o this pissin aboot malarky at training, heid doon and get on wie it.
  6. I hate Benji, fckn dogs name for goodness sake!! Hibeee Bass
  7. I reckon there should a a shout for a little more steel in the middle of the park with Hardie. Gardyne is a good player but potential problems with lower SPL teams wanting him. Wots the chances of signing Don Cowie fae Ross County. Hard player and pitches in with the goals?!?! Offiong, Nope! It's another poor shout. Better players than him. Didn't do much on Saturday apart from score a goal he was allowed to set himself up for for 20mins!! If we are seriously wanting to go up then we need to buy SPL quality not mid 1st Div