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    Post Split

    When games get moved for TV lots of folk moan their pissers off because they loose a game on their season tik. We don’t want televised games, shows potential signing targets how drab McD can be.
  2. These options with patterns on them look a little better. I’m sure for the contract colour specifications can be changed. Itll end up being summin drab again.
  3. Utter pish again. Glad I can’t make many away games. Looking at the line up, whatever way you dress it up it was a 5-4-1 formation. Fron 4-0 to 2-1 defeat in a matter of weeks. Chances of being dragged into that playoff spot?? L o l
  4. I’d sign him up. Surely he’s not out our salary range but I fear any move would be rejected by Westminster’s dodgy department or work permits. Vorobjovas is surely someone we should be very keen on also. What about Janusevskis, was his contract not coming up soon.
  5. Guaranteed that we win 3-0 with an awesome performance.
  6. This article is infuriating to read as a supporter. The players should be feeling the pressure and frankly deserve some of the criticism from the supporters and pundits as simply standards have been set over the years and have gone quickly over 3/4 months. We all love our team but it is concerning the blasé attitude towards our plight.
  7. Lie down, get pumped then concentrate on the league. Otherwise how many teams have won the cup and got relegated? Sure Wigan might’ve done that l o l
  8. Hope your right but form says completely otherwise.
  9. Waiting on TW blaming the defeat essentially on Scougall unfortunately being injured irrespective there are 11 on the pitch. In TW we trust? For me not anymore as he’s said he was to ring the changes. Worst form in the league. County on the 24th will decide it. No point expecting anything from game at Celtic in a couple weeks. We have the worst fixtures. Celtic, Rangers, Hibs, Aberdeen and Motherwell before split. County, Killie, Dundee and Hamilton. All easily defeats?? 22 goals in the league all season but mainly 18 goals in 23 Games?! We don’t need a Scottish Cup distraction to stay in this league. Only my opinion but it’s not looking great with no wins in 6.
  10. Alarm bells have stopped ringing as they are now broken. Just like our squad and performances. Summin needs to help us or we are down. Worst form of anyone in the league just now and TW ringing the changes means **** all.
  11. Vitally important we pick up at least a point here with teams now in and around the playoff and relegation spot picking up wins this weekend. Too many defeats creeping higher and higher. Partick play Rangers the same evening so hoping it’s a game Rangers turn up and batter them. Then that’s Thistle caught up with their fixtures.
  12. Getting dragged into a relegation battle with current scores.
  13. The game was that bad it was funny. Barely one minute in and they should've been 1-0 up. Millar and Craig are not good enough in midfield when being overrun by fitter and technically better players. There would be at least 4 I'd take out of that starting XI to be replaced by others. At least we have a game on Monday...
  14. Results certainly are speaking for themselves just now. No home win in around 4 months and loosing to a team who had not won an away league fixture for 16/17 games? Knuckle down time just now and the frailties from the beginning of the season are showing their fruits now. Our squad is threadbare and no decent replacements as proven today. Still stand by the start of the season. We are struggling big time and a top 6 place looks miles off let alone 4th place. Now looking over our shoulder with concern for teams who are picking up points every other game but more worryingly scoring a hell of a lot more than us. TW and The Board have a few days to signal to the fans their intentions. A push for top 6 with the games in-hand or consolidation of squad to retain league status.
  15. With the deadline looming I guess, or expect, no more signings in.
  16. Huge game in terms of fixture clog up and proximity of them to us if they win. Dundee v Hamilton who are directly below us so a victory means stretching away from them. Fixtures look good this weekend should results be positive but I’m never convinced TW knows how to play against Thistle considering our shocking form against them. McMillan should be thrown into the deep end here. They know heehaw about him so that gives us the edge. If I’m off work I’ll be getting prepared for the full time migraine for roaring like feck at the shit ref.
  17. Tansey rumour to County on loan from Aberdeen. Ciftci loan to Motherwell rumoured also. Two players who’d certainly improve the starting XI. 9th January and still quite quiet. I hope TW is not expecting MOH back as I’m pretty sure he won’t be. Pedro the Pony didn’t like him but I think Murty does.
  18. What would be tempting is yes we can take them but Aberdeen pay all their current salaries. We would be doing them a favour not really the other way.
  19. Whoever comes in, if anybody, will not be what we want due to budget constraints. We've got our striker but think we need at least 3 players in. Loans only benefit the parent club unless we loan young English Premiership club players. Let the January 2018 debacle commence...
  20. Cheerio. Was not at this level. Seemed to lack confidence continually and missed far too many opportunities with lack of composure. Aw ra best Zippy.
  21. Think we should possibly look at the loan of Liam Henderson from Celtic. Was very good in the Hibs team last season and now frozen out due to better players in the squad. Touted to go to Bari but surely staying here might be a better option.
  22. As per usual, I'll give all boys a chance coming in but I don't like the clubs thinking on this. Yes a loan is good considering he had an injury. If he does well we won't don't keep him, he does bad like Gormley we can get rid. I'd have rather Saints tried to find an alternative from a higher league in England than loaning a player from League 2. We waited all this time on a big signing to getting a guy needing game time from an injury. Better off keeping Kano in the first XI.
  23. Ciftci gone to sailors haven and Kane Hemmings to Mansfield Town on loan?!? I wonder who is left?
  24. Paton. Not the fastest but must've covered more ground than anyone. Solid challenges and plenty of good passing considering the abuse our midfield took from Patrick's choppers in the middle of the park.
  25. So what? Because we've won 3 in the league and suddenly that changes it all and we are Championship contenders? **** no. We could loose heavily against Celtic then the next 7/8 games like we did a few seasons ago. But hey it's better than we were back in the day when we nearly went bust. My point is still a lack of ambition and direction as we still require a striker as Macca cannot do it all on his own. At times today it was easy to see that we require strengthening and a direction of how to play. We scored, they never but with the wind we never shot from distance? Is that the direction of the tactics or lack of belief in scoring. The ambition to try your luck to score in those situations was not there. Has the clubs thoughts on the season changed with 3 league wins, no. Are we getting in another quality signing, perhaps not. Im delighted we are doing so well but we were put out a cup competition we should've been looking at getting to the semi finals.