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  1. TW doing a lot of talking of talking to players. What is he talking about as it appears to not be signing the 2/3 players we need.
  2. After not signing a rumour signing we wanted and one we did not this is getting farcical. Utter bollocks from the club. Send Kane out on loan to leave two 1st team strikers of an old Macca and a guy who is not a footballer. This is my opinion and I'm not bothered about all the shiite about we were worse in the 70s. This is here and now and all the teams we will be potentially fighting for for top six have strengthened. We've got a couple guys in but no goal scorer for the 3rd season in a row. Bloody disgrace. Who is going to score on Saturday? This season so far has been all talk and delivering nothing.
  3. We need a striker. This is grim as ****. Whats the point of getting MOH back in on loan and Scougall when we have an older less mobile striker and a donkey to score. Hendry is surely higher up the order than Cummins. Its so quiet now that I fear we are done for transfers.
  4. Where's our new striker Broon? Where's our new striker Broon? Where's our new striker Broon? Where's our new striker Broon? Where's our new striker Broon? Where's our new striker Broon? Where's our new striker Broon?
  5. From now on when we draw Patrick at home in any cup we just no bother coming to the game. The default is a 3-0 anyways. Shows our complete and unbelievable need for someone to score goals. We need a striker. Feck, those saying better no get Sammon, at least he is better than Cummins. This season is going to be hard enough as it is without the team failing to shoot at the damn goal.
  6. Absolutely pissed off at MOH signing on loan. Before you jump, this signing should've been made before the Europa League qualifiers. What has changed at the club from then end of last season til now? Bloody shocking it took so long from our "interest" in getting the player back. Wish MOH all the best, when he's on form he terrorises defenders.
  7. Your pulling our pisser on this one! Work permit wouldn't be an issue as he has 6 international caps with Liberia. Main issue is an asking price I'd reckon to be £500k+ if not higher. Maksimov would be an blatantly obvious choice since he's far superior to our current strikers plus we always have a habit of signing guys who score against us too often.
  8. Don't know if you guys would attain the right work permits to come to Scotland. Liked the videos though.
  9. Anti-football at times. Master tactician, evidently not with 2 games against Trakai. A master tactician would've found a way to break them down by altering formation and individual player set up.
  10. Watched on TV stream. Nobody deserved it. We needed 2 goals, missed lots of sitters and our direct free kicks were awful. All get a 4/10.
  11. So to be fair, it IS the clubs fault for what is going on. They are a business and know the budgets they run on. We one the cup in 2014 with over 20,000 fans at Parkhead but they done absolutely nothing to entice people to come back after the final. There were no deals on season tickets to encourage those irregular supporters to come to games. As for Euro games we are near 8,000 to 9,000 in respect so the fan base is there but people do not want to spend money on mediocre and shitty performances. Their public relations is poor by any stretch. We have one of the best offers to see top flight Scottish football but it's never hammered home. There are a multitude of basic marketing opportunities they can do to get people into games but it all gets quashed as season ticket holders start moaning that some of the offers are better than the price per game on the season ticket. Yes it's bad about the Saints Club and I empathise with the situation there but the location of it doesn't help. Yes people poured into the Tulloch but it was the only place close-by. If the case of supporting the club was to give them money then why did Saints not put some money into covering the astro pitch and having an open air "beer garden" and events area there as its within a fenced area so easy to keep it contained. The answer is exactly the same as why we are not singing players. They are unwilling or do not want to spend money. We have a tiny budget and are surviving on our 2,500 crowds, if we even had 5,000 crowds the budget would not move. As for loosing the club that is exactly what Brown said. We do not deserve a club, but he doesn't deserve to be running a club and having a go at fans when the product some weeks is garbage. As for going back to this being a transfers page, we will panic sign 2/3 more gash players and struggle all season with a top scorer having 8 goals.
  12. We continually sign lost causes or boys who need a break. We need to scout further afield to find better players. As for anyone coming in, after Tommys comments after the match, I doubt the chairman will back him for any new top quality signings.
  13. Tommy stating on radio we need quality. Either trim the squad to allow for the quality or we need investment. Neither of those options are available. Continually told by the club that this is the highest we can achieve on our budget and we have the 11th smallest budget in the league. Wheres the bloody violin?! Over these two European legs the players, coaching staff, manager and club have shown a lack of desire. Yes they are working hard but is it enough or just paying lip service. We lacked both ambition and direction tonight. Where was the random shot from 30 yards to test the keeper? Boring play. Tommy has put it out in the open now that he needs investment and players but only a matter of time for the powers that be to decide to either back him or stomp him.
  14. Absolute disgrace. Lessons not learned from the defeat by Alashkert 2 years ago. Negative play with slow midfielders and over elaborate passing. Tommy on the radio saying we either need to trim squad to get quality in or we need investment to get the quality in. I'm sorry but who the feck was he looking for since we got confirmed 4th place last season. He's had weeks to ensure we have a competitive team but no, we will continue with old or perm-crock players. Over 2 legs we played against 10 men for 40+ minutes, how many shots on target did we have? I have no idea but whatever it was is not enough. We are going nowhere and the chairman is happy about it. Cummins missed to many sitters and Joe had guilt edged chances tonight. This is not good enough. Our play is bland, boring and draining. Utter pish.
  15. We are continually quoted in the media we are a well run club with a good base as a club etc is this the best it gets for us? We are going through a great period of achievement over the last 6 seasons especially. However with a chairman saying we don't deserve it as supporters due to dwindling attendance numbers ultimately hits the manager in the pocket for his budget. Where do we go now? It's being said we have no money for top quality signings or even more players that will improve the starting XI. The clubs miserly attitude to not spending money or seeking a great signing is underwhelming. We sign loads of younger players who continually fail to make the cut, with the exception of a few. Do we now run the risk of having a lack of ambition or a lack of direction of where the club is going?
  16. As much as I hope we will do it I don't think we have a hope in hell. Players nowhere near up to speed, lack of a striker and playing a technically better team. Wright better choose a 4-4-2 and not be negative like he usually is.
  17. I'd like to know who goes through the catalogue and just points a finger at "home" and "away" kits. Standard stock kit that is not exactly worth £40 a top. Nothing special and missed out on offering chances of fans getting involved. Should now be looking at other manufacturers for options.
  18. Greetin pus Ciftci is hinting about being booted out of Celtic. Cant afford his wages but an addition like that would be welcomed. Dont think any more developments will happen until the Europa League qualifiers draw is done.
  19. Mr Brooon might surprise us all and allow the signing of all 3 players
  20. He was sold for £800k to some team in Egypt by Killie. If we had that dosh I'd want at least 12 players! hahahaha
  21. Rumour is Hibs will sign Murray in the next couple of weeks. I know TW likes the ones who have lost their way but we need to cast the net out further. Even watching the lower level teams in Hollands top flight, they have done technically good players. I think we miss massively on decent players due to only staying within the home nations. Another cult hero like Sekerlioglu or Baltatcha would be good. What ever happened to that Spanish boy we were looking at in January. Decent player but was it a "can't afford him" or "I'm no going there"
  22. RE: Swansons imminent win for POTY, I personally think that any player who brings the club into bad light by way of bad behaviour and not living the clubs ethos should not be considered. If he scores in every game for the next 5 and we get 4th then ok, if not then feck off. haha
  23. It begins when we play Whistle then Hertz at home. COYS!!
  24. Swanson was great up to the transfer window because he wanted to get a precontract then elsewhere. He's been poor since, irrespective of external factors. If we were close in terms of salary and length of contract then why would saints agree to his demands? He's gotten what he wanted, no real loss. Simply put, Danny Swanson doesn't give the club what we expect in terms of being highest paid player and/or breaking salary budgets. I'm sure we could find a replacement no problems.
  25. WTF is Tommys problem? 6 defenders on the park in starting XI with 3 out of position. Playing Millar against a strong midfield that Killie have with Paton on the bench? We have a settled back 4 changed for nothing. Why is Coulson not just thrown on? A back 4 of Foster, ando, joe and Easton is what it should've been. Scobbie shouldn't have played neither should Miller. Coulson and Paton in there instead. Zander needs dropped. 2 howling mistakes, granted he made a couple of good saves but he cost us today. We are bottlers. Every chance to close the gap on Hearts we bugger it up. We have a team incapable of trying a shot from distance too. Performance was that minging I didn't even boo at the end. Killie deserved the win but made very very easy by us.