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  1. Nobody in. Nobody else out. Management and board tasks complete.
  2. I can't wait for this transfer window to close! I hope Killie sell Coulibaly. Haha. Absolutely heehaw coming from the club. Guys out of contract in the summer and seemingly covert or no offers on the table for these guys. Youngsters out on loan everywhere and we have zero thoughts of bringing in anyone. We had Gormley on loan which we needed another striker but suddenly we don't need one anymore. Far too much reliance on Macca and we have poor replacements should he not be available. I'd love May to come back on loan, even if he was 25% of the player he was previously, he'd still be an asset plus gives him game time for next season at PNE. Think our biggest feat of the transfer window is negotiating the drop in gate prices with the mighty Stenhousemuir for the cup! ****in Baws!
  3. A decent point considering Rangers looked like they were going to run riot at 1-0 down. Superb tactical change by Tommy taking Alston off for Scobbie. Seemed to settle the formation and team to set out our plan. What is continually annoying is plenty incidents being ignored by the referee. 2 penalties ignored and Kiernan punching Ando. Garner diving about like a t*** but steaming in like a radgie. Even simple free kicks, lesser ones given to Rangers but more blatant ones ignored for us. Heyho. They said they were back and haven't beaten us yet.
  4. Ciftci is a quality player but with huge wages compared to our budget I don't think he will come. If he goes to United then shows lack of ambition. Greg Tansey at ICT has rejected new contract offers. With our ageing midfield would he be a fitting replacement. Decent player on the ball.
  5. I love the fact Stevie is so open and honest about his situation. He knows how bad an injury he had but shows how hard working and professional he is. Given half the chance if we could get him in January to aid his recovery it would be fantastic but I doubt we could afford and/or broker a deal. Where's all these contacts? Anyone got Jodys number?? Get some of those Chelsea starlets haha
  6. Was mince first time round. L o l. What about Federico Macheda or Samed Yesil? Just know a couple injuries and we will be having Swanson as main striker.
  7. RIGHT! Are any of these Iceland players available and in our budget! Cracking team performance and unity in the team. Was just like watching Saints. All working hard and the counter attack was superb.
  8. Was thinking that looking at then photo. The breeze blocks are proper weather worn. Needs painted white to tie in with the blue metal of the stands.
  9. St Mikey

    Paul Paton

    Paton wanted to sign for us unlike whingypus Dow. I want players committed to us and who want to play for us. Fair enough he is not a liked man by some fans but he is exactly the type of solid and sometimes dirty player we need. Our team can be powderpuff at times but we've been crying out for years for another player like Martin Hardie and we've signed him. I welcome Paton and hope he proves the moaners wrong.
  10. Shiels won't come to us. We can't afford him. Just like Stevie Fletcher and Danny Graham being released by Sunderland, would love either of them but miles outta our budget. We do need another striker, dare I say Ciftci since we are signing every other Yinited players and Celtic will be having a clear out. Haha
  11. Aye, definitely. In fact ban Celtic too and we can take the Champions League placing?!?!?
  12. Showed a huge desire in the match Killie. Back down to that keech hole next season
  13. Will Alston now sign for us now Falkirk have been pumped fae Killie?!
  14. Where have half these Killie fans been all season? Falkirk taking a right pumping now 4-0. Bloody Magennis running away from a boy half his weight! hahahaha Would've preferred going to Falkirk than Killie again next season.
  15. Alston been involved in 46 games this season, no wonder he's not lasting full games. Out of that Falkirk team and watching them for the last 6/7 weeks the boy Will Vaulks seems a pretty tidy player. Not feart of a challenge and good with the ball, pity he has a year left on his contract. Hoping Falkirk come up as I prefer there than Killie. haha
  16. Give Paton a 5 year contract on the main basis he put the Arabs doon! He's an indirect hero. Rumour has it he wore a saints shirt under his Yinited one all season. Hahahahaha
  17. Any techie guys know how I could get the data off the Sky + HD box and put it on an external hard drive?
  18. Bit of both! hahaha I'm holding out for a crazy South American or Mexican attacking midfielder or striker. I sign a boy called Ronaldo Cisneros from Santos Laguna in Mexico on Fifa. Quality player with pace and finishing
  19. It's good we are talking to players and see what's going on. Would prefer looking a little further than 20 miles down the road for all our signings. Think we should attempt to get El Bakhtaoui. Be a long summer or speculation.
  20. I'd rather keep Brown than sign Paton and give the younger boy the chance plus difference in salary. TW might be waiting to see if Alston/Dow situation is clearer but even though I'd sign Brown on another deal as I think a full preseason and more game time would benefit him. Or just go feck it and sign everyone.
  21. Correct me if I'm wrong but are both players not out of contract at the end of the season and technically speaking will be unemployed by a certain date if no new contracts agreed? Both are in the same position of never been at any other club. Dow been at United since a kid and Alston at Falkirk. These situations are new to them perhaps and obviously the agents want the big lucrative contracts to fill their boots.
  22. Dunno why folk are saying to find someone else. Dow is right, the seasons not finished. He's obviously waiting on a bigger club to move to and Hibs, rumoured, might be his choice but does he actually want to play football or sit on the bench on stands?! Leave the contract open, then in a few weeks when he realises nobody else has offered anything then drop the terms. He either commits to what he thinks is good or goes unemployed. Alston is in the same position as Dow but nobodies busting his Baws about not signing?! I want both players and I bet if the money was right both wouldve signed by now.
  23. I'm glad TW is publicising these deals. Forces the player into making a decision. Do you want a contract for 2/3 years or chance your luck and hope something comes over the summer. Similarly for Alston but he won't make any decision on his future until Falkirks season is confirmed as over. If Falkirk come up he will stay with them I reckon. As for Dow, he's now been told to go whereas in January United still had a chance to stay up. I think he would fit in well with our squad but he's probably wanting something else, whether more money or a bigger club than Saints. Great seeing we won't be held to the last day of the transfer window for new players. Either you want to join us on the contracts or not. I don't see the lack of attraction with Saints. Top 6 over many seasons, good cup runs, European adventures and a club not likely to fold due to piss poor financial management. As for Billy McKay, I would sign him however he is on very high wages compared to what we can offer plus having to pay a fee for him. It all depends on the younger boys and who will work hard over the summer developing physically to force into the first team. Certainly looking at a couple of them to break through.
  24. Faissal El Bakhtaoui anyone? Forward who, by any stretch, has had a pretty decent season for Dunfermline and is out of contract. Michael Coulson, Keith Watson, Ryan Dow potentially, Blair Alston potentially and Faissal?!? Maybe only need another centre half and I think thats a decent squad. Would love a crazy Mexican in the middle of the park though.
  25. he would be a replacement for Midge. Not bothered by midfielders goal scoring records. Our midfielders hardly chip in with 10-15 a season. I'd be happy with all the signings we are being quoted with. Coulson already signed.