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  1. 6-5 Aberdeen, 4 sendings off, 12 bookings, 19 corners, 4 offsides, TW sent to the stands, 3 penalties and a streaker. Willie Collum as ref and has a good game
  2. No Euro trip means more money for players salaries, so c'mon Broon! GET YER CHEQUE BOOK OOT!
  3. Is that maybe the player perhaps just telling his manager nothings moved on but secretly he has agreed in principle to join us? I think we have turned his head to Premiership football but I'd like to sign him asap and get it sorted sooner rather than later. Falkirk have a few decent players that would fit into our squad very well.
  4. We need 2 centre backs, a left back and a right back, 3 centre mids, 2 wider players and 2 strikers at least with those who are supposed To be going in and out. Blooding more of our younger players to see if they can adapt to the top level. Issue is we have funds but are simply too scared to use them. Its good we have one boy signed up on a TE-contract already.
  5. Typical spineless shite. We have been utter gash all season. 2 defeats on the trot from the bottom two. Any other club would question the managers ability to get the best out of the players. Totally unacceptable. Top six slipping away if we don't respond.
  6. Another must win game comes along. Will we choke? Bottle it? Or go out, compete 100% every player to guarantee another top 6 finish. killie are fighting to get away from the drop. This will be hard and TW needs fully for personnel, not those wasting a jersey for 20 mins before getting subbed. We Need to control our own destiny.
  7. St Mikey

    Top Six

    We need to take care of our business. If we don't beat killie then we deserve to be bottom 6.
  8. As long as TW drops those who are majorly out of form we will win. Throw Sutton and Kane up top. Killie will by physical and like against United, a team up for the challenge to stay up and get out of the play offs. Heres hoping we don't lie on our backs again and get our tummy tickled as it has been many games this season.
  9. Sutton was always a handful for us and scored against us. look how that turned out. Granted Magennis offers a lot more in team play than Lurch.
  10. St Mikey

    Dear Tommy

    10 points from 39 is acceptable is it? I don't think people moaning and shouting that things are not good enough from 2 wins in 3 months is something thats knee jerk. We should be lambasting our players. Evidently its a cake walk fannying about in training to constantly commit the same errors week on week. The way we do things is to demand progression and tightening purse strings year on year. He's been manager since June 2013, how much time? Boxing day we were 1 point behind Hearts with 31 points playing 19 games. Now we are 28 matches and only 36 points?!?! 9 matches and 5 points! Yes we are still top 6 , just, but as for Europe your having a laugh. We can't keep a clean sheet and fail to score. A couple of wins is all we have had in 3 months let alone a 3/4 games.Our aim should be to stay in the division at the moment. Yes it's doom and gloom but its realistic. Everyone else is winning and we are loosing.
  11. Got to love some of these quotes by TW. A wee blip is a couple of games, not 3 months of shite but says we are on a bad run of form and will get better. Sorry TW but we can't possibly get any worse! He can defend his players but we will not. Playing crap is playing crap, irrespective if they are good lads. FInally, if we have conceded too many goals, why the feck did you not solidify it in January? Too many individual mistakes but these players keep their place in the starting XI. We won't win against ICT, thats a fact. Their midfield will run all over us just like every other team. 2 central midfielders with knocks and never 100% fit. These issues are due to the management and the training, end of. Nothing is being worked on effectively between games and that is so apparent. "There's a wee blip at the minute and they do show their frustration. If we go and win Wednesday night [against Inverness] they'll be back cheering you on again. "I'll defend my players. We're still in the top six, but we know we're on a bad run but we'll get better. "We've conceded too many goals all season and that's killing us. Individually we've made too many mistakes over the season."
  12. The form alone this year, 2016, would lead me to think the chairman might be getting itchy feet. Managers have been sacked for less and especially the dire performances and the ease at which teams score against us. 2 wins since the beginning of December. 10 points out of a possible 39 and a transfer window come and gone with no notable additions to the team. County and ICT next. Doubt we will even get a bloody point out of these two games.
  13. St Mikey

    Dear Tommy

    Those who say fans are overreacting are you accepting 10 points from the last 39. Since the turn of the year we have been shite. We sold MOH, released a whole load of players and sign an unknown right back as cover who was not needed, a centre half who appears won't get a game, sign Swanson as a winger but let go by Hearts for lack of fitness and keep all the money we need to strengthen the team. We are only lucky every other club below us just now is taking points all off each other. Patrick have beaten us 3 times this season, that in itself is wholly unacceptable and blame needs to be established. Is it the players, TW and his training and tactics or the chairman who has the purse so tightly wrapped even the bank doesn't know how much money we have. We are going to be in a relegation play off battle in 3 to 4 weeks time. County next and then ICT. Only see another 2 defeats so thats them closer and/or above us. But as long as the infrastructure is fine eh?!? We did have shittier times back in the day but less than 2 years ago we won the Scottish Cup and were beating big teams in Europe. Utterly shocking. Any other club would sack their manager on the basis of form. 2016 Played 8 league games, W 1, D 2, L 5. Last 2 wins on 20/02/2016 and previous to that 5/12/2016 plus a whole transfer window to make changes. Just because the table shows we are in the top 6 does not mean getting beat most games is acceptable. We won't be up there very long.
  14. Morris was 29 when he signed on February 2008 so not really a comparison to a 32 year old player who was not as injury prone and/or unfit and temperamental as Faubert. My concern is releasing lots of players and bringing in one centre half, one winger and one cover player at right back. We are lacking central midfield cover and more attacking options. Since the sale of MOH we lack direct pace and quality in attacking. We are leaking goals far to easily and we can't score them.
  15. How many targets have we "lost" for some reason or another since the 1st January? This isn't good in any form to release so many guys and have constant injuries with the same players. Brown says the need to invest more for next season, it needs to be done last transfer window. The lack of any quality coming in is alarming and the fact we've not yet signed anyone on a pre-contract means it will be even more difficult in the summer. Faubert will go where money is and thats not us. Glad he won't sign as paying top dollar for an over the hill player, albeit a quality player, is not for the best interests of the club. What others were rumoured? Reo-Coker, another money pit.
  16. Honking form. Relegation form it is. Who cares we scored 3 v Aberdeen, we still shipped in 4. From having a great back 4 and not letting in many goals we are leaking 2/3 every game. We have not won in 2 months! This is unacceptable and now there is feck all we can do about it now as the transfer window is shut and the board and/or manager don't know who to get or refuse to get players. It's a must win v Dundee on Friday night. If we loose that we will be gobbled up by the chasing pack. From being so far ahead of the chasers when we drew at home with Hearts to now struggling.
  17. £1m profit on 2 players and we still can't sign anyone of a better quality than we currently have. Brook needs to get on the blower to EsEs and see if they have and up coming players they can loan to us. No point being pals if they cannae sub us a decent player.
  18. Couldnae sign a mobile phone contract let alone decent quality players! FFS
  19. It's the only way you inbred roaster knuckle draggers were going to be associated with European football this season. Sign MOH as he scored in Europe. Rangers are a bigger club but all you knuckle draggers were wanting him dragged over hot coals because his dad works for and his family have an association with Celtic. Are you inbreds going to demand his name be changed by Deed Poll to Mick Halloran as its a disgrace for any player to wear the mighty Glasgow Rangers the Second blue shirt of the We Are The Peoples Brigade?? Some of your fellow fans comments on your cesspool forum were appalling. I'll wait to see your seething fag breath slaivers on the telly when he runs 85 yards, skinning 5 guys and burying it into the back of the net, against the mighty hooped Alloa Athletic or cross himself. You decide. Yours, We diddy team fae Perth who actually pay for their bills and don't owe the Newspaper shop £100 without needing a provvie loan.
  20. He chose money over playing time. Well that worked out well didn't it. Said it back in September. I'm happy he back but hope its a lesser contract than what we offered previously. Needs to get fit, be happy and get in form. Starting XI on Saturday it is then.
  21. He's 29 not 30. Bawbag, I'll give you that. Hahaha. He's nowhere near fit. Look podgy on his first start at Hearts on the first game of the season, i think it was, v ICT. A few weeks double training to get up to speed. He is a replacement for MOH but offers both defensive and attacking play without sulking constantly. My issue is we were after a left midfielder and 2 others before the window. We released 1 first team player, sold 1 first team player and released a younger player. Bring in one. What the hell is going on? all the guys left are expensive from League 1/2 from down south. What is happening with all these pre-contracts for the likes of Alston and Dow? Would've been nice to try and entice Falkirk and Yinitit with some dosh to get these guys now. Very much doubt anyone else will come in. Time to get Scott Brown out and take his chances beside Muzz in midfield as it looks like Millar is picking up too many injuries.
  22. £500k cash and sign all 4 of them now as they are bloody needed.
  23. We should tell Rangers we will not be held to ransom over the offer being made. Rather have Dene Shiels than Law.
  24. He didn't say that on the 17th of May in That Bar when I was pished and begging him to stay. He said it's up to Saints to get things right on the contract. Maybe I scared him away l o l