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  1. RandomGuy has explained previously what he was doing for the club, I don’t think he needs to tell the whole story again (unless of course he wants to) RandomGuy’s version of events tie in to what I’d heard previously. Very much a team effort but Davidson always had the final say on who we spoke to and then ultimately who we signed. Some of the players the manager brought to the table were signed, some of Grieves were too. I don’t think we’ll ever be any the wiser who’s responsible for what signing (although you can probably make educated guesses based where some of the players were sourced from). It’s all academic now anyway, Davidson is still here, Grieve is away. We’ll see soon enough if Davidson can muster up a good window this summer without Grieve’s help (a solid if unspectacular start with the 2 signings made already, in my opinion). Whatever happened, the appointment clearly didn’t work in the way any of us hoped it would. Wright always talked about wanting a head of recruitment, so maybe Grieve just came a bit too late to have the kind of impact that he could’ve had under different stewardship.
  2. Hamilton Is out of contract so if that is true, I doubt the two are linked.
  3. Kyle

    Season Tickets

    Pretty much. No live Sky games available I don't think.
  4. Kyle

    New Manager

    He played quite a few times in his first season. I'd say he'll have 10+ appearances for us, although he looked pretty finished when he did.
  5. Kyle

    New Manager

    Davidson will have had leverage in the contract negotiation. No doubt it's been agreed he'll get to add players if he is to take on the job. We look light on numbers in midfield so I suspect that's where the new bodies will be added.
  6. Kyle

    New Manager

    Wow. Looks like we have someone very ITK.
  7. Motherwell have also signed Jordan White from ICT apparently but haven’t announced it. I really can’t understand why people are getting so uppity about us not ‘officially’ announcing the Rooney signing. He’s done an interview confirming it, Wright confirmed he’d signed in an interview, Cleland had a full article about him in the Courier last week, and chairman said he’d signed in yesterday’s PA. Its clearly happening/happened.
  8. I think people are seeing what the want to see in respect of Robertson. She's been given a remit and she's just following what she's been told to do, I haven't seen anything that I've been concerned about from her to be honest.
  9. I think the Saints support being in one stand has worked out quite well so far. Club are making a decent amount of money from it and our support is huddled together and making a bit of noise as a result. This has been a success IMO - I'd imagine it'll be a permanent arrangement as of next season and wouldn't be surprised if East Stand season ticket holders are allocated west stand seats for these games going forward.
  10. McGlynn also said he's out injured for another 3-4 weeks. A one legged Ando at right back up against Christie/Forrest/one of a number of other horrors that Celtic can throw at us.
  11. If that is the case, that's a huge number of no show season ticket holders.
  12. Swanson's just out of favour I think. You often see him in the background training in Wright's saints tv interviews and he ocassionally pops up on the bench.
  13. I really don't understand why anyone would want us to sign Kenny Miller. He's 40 and just been released by the worst club in the championship. If this was 2010 then maybe.
  14. I like forthrightness but one or two things; Scott Wright is out for the rest of the season with an injury. I've thought that Jack Hendry might be an option too but there's no way we'd pay a fee for him and it seems there's league one clubs in England who want to loan him. Plus he's only 24 so probably not the experienced player that we need. Oli Shaw seems to be well out of the picture at Hibs right now. Might be worth enquiring to see if he's available for transfer and not just a loan? Still not keen on the idea of developing other club's young players to be honest. Holt is a bit different because he's out of contract in the summer and we could theoretically pick him up then (although I don't think we'll be able to afford his wages).
  15. Good shout. Definitely someone I'd like to see Saints approach. Centre back and a striker who can put the ball in the net would be lovely.Suspect we'll get the former but not the latter. I love Macca but I don't think he's the answer. I'll be very worried if we bring in Whittaker - we need better than a guy who seems to have become a joke figure at the club where he made his name. Edit: I'd personally be looking for another right back so that we can pack Ralston back off to Celtic. He's been a very poor signing.