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    Scottish Cup

    New opponent - would love to play a non-league team as the likelyhood of us playing them again in a competitive fixture is so low. Also a different away adventure to anything else we're likely to come across. As long as it isn't another first division club I'll be quite happy though.
  2. I actually think he's better at right back. He has a bit of a tendancy to go forward so playing him centre is a bit risky. Good cover though, as you say. In all honesty, I'm happy to see either Anderson or Mensing at right back. Both are decent enough players so its good to have a bit of a choice
  3. Sound good. Gonna trust Coyle on this - see what he thinks. And with Hannah wanting a shot at management, that might clear some of the wages. We can but hope
  4. Think I'd go for a 4-3-1-2 in this one. Cuthbert Anderson Rusty James Stanic Stevenson Sheerin Jancyzk (if fit - if not, McAnespie - one of them is bound to be fit! Scotland Milne Dorris Thought Dorris played well last week - had pace to burn and will give absolutely everything for the cause. Give Sheridan a wee break. Makes us a bit powderpuff in the midfield but I think we need to be looking to breakthrough Brechin with guile rather than a battering ram. Scotland in behind to run at their centrehalves. He'll cause all sorts of bother there IMO. Anderson to stay in the team for now. He's playing well so no point in changing anything there. Would be my team... but I can't see it happening.
  5. Jim Weir for me. Thought he was a great player for Saints
  6. All is looking fine just now. Half one in the morning, no snow, and no frost. Game will definitely be on IMO. Hope to see as many of you guys up here as possible
  7. Kyle

    Stephen Dobbie

    Wouldn't say he was fat More festively plump.
  8. 2-1 Saints Scotland 1503 (taking weather into account)
  9. Rebellion (lies) - arcade fire as ring tone... although, my phone is always on silent
  10. Kyle


    Pretty much exactly the same boat as you. Used to rip my friends who liked the HP books before I started reading them myself. After the first one, which isn't very good, the looks are excellent. Just starting the 4th one now... saw the film before I read the book. Really liked the most recent film - looking forward to reading the others now
  11. Kyle


    Its a must win for us... which makes me ever so slightly sceptical about this game We never seem to do well when the pressure's on for some odd reason. I'd change things about a bit for this one... think one or two lads might feel they are in a safety zone just now so it might help to put out players who feel they have something to prove. Cuthbert Anderson Rusty James Stanic McCann Sheridan Jancyzk McAnespie (if fit... if not, Sheerin) Scotland Dobbie (if Savo doesn't make it) See what happens with that. McAnespie would give us some natural width... but, then again, neither Scotland nor Dobbie can head the ball. We'll see I suppose - hoping for a win but I'm not going to hold my breath.
  12. From what I hear, hannah is desperate to leave. Don't think it'd take much for him to leave - maybe a couple of months wages which we'd lose on him over the season anyway. The others were more wishes than certainties. Fotheringham has taken Saints for a ride - no two ways about it - and I want to see the back of him. Was very unhappy about him coming, replacing Malone... who I still think is a much better player than him. Infact, he was excellent for Clyde yet again on Saturday. I just don't feel Campbell is good enough. He tries, but he's just too slow and doesn't offer enough to the team as a whole when playing. The two Kevs at centrehalf have been working well together. Bit of a shame for him really. Alot of the SPL clubs will be wanting to just get players off the wage bill... Kinda like we do with Hannah etc... so if any enquires come in they may be willing to let them go cheaply. We'll see though - I'm hopeful
  13. Think we've got to ship out a few players first. David Hannah, Kevin Fotheringham (remember him - waster of space), Keiran McAnespie and possibly even Mark Campbell would be my suggestions. Hannah priority number one. His attitude is stinking. After that we can maybe look at bringing players in. Reserve players in the preimer league would probably be our best option. Not sure who'll be available tbh... still a long time until january. Certainly a midfielder is required... someone with creation to compliment Sheerin. No one ever moves for him so a quality player beside him would be useful. A left sided defender to back up stanic. He gets injured, then we're in serious trouble. A goalkeeper if Paston is as bad an option as I've been lead to believe
  14. Kirk Broadfoot/Neil McGregor at Clyde IMO. Can't decide - both are excellent defenders