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  1. From memory, this one was in 1997 on the day we were presented with the 1st Division trophy (possibly against St Midden?) after we had won the league by 19 points or something. I was in the Ormond stand (aged about 13). He completely floored 2 stewards and a cop I think and made it over the big gate into the car park, which is no mean feat. I seem to remember the PA announcer at the time saying something like "Substitution for St Johnstone: No 1 Alan Main for a Streaker" as Main stood pissing himself laughing at it, then made another announcement saying Tayside police were looking for a donation of a spare pair of trousers. I doubt an announcer would get away with that these days. I remember another one a couple of seasons later against Killie which was also a guy, but he didn't put up quite a fight against the security.
  2. Sheldo

    Away shirts

    I always thought we missed a trick by not getting Durex to sponsor us. We could adopt the nickname of "The Johnnies". Great marketing opportunity on all sides!
  3. Sheldo


    See Wales at Euro 2016 and this year's too. Hadn't qualified for a tournament since 1958 before that. Some folk definitely got overhyped. But when you have the chance to get the best 3rd place on 4 points and go through , I'd hardly say that's false expectations or overconfidence. Especially when you have home advantage, one of the sides is one you are capable of beating and the other is your biggest rival where you will give 100% no matter what. I actually think part of the issue is Clarke and specifically the SFA were just happy to be there with little actual plan or aim other than, In the SFA's case, brow nosing UEFA.
  4. Sheldo


    To an extent, it worked against England. But he seems petrified to try anything different as it would mean leaving one out. There is no plan B in that sense. On the centre back front, he left out Liam Cooper after the Czech game, who had looked OK and has been good for Leeds.
  5. Sheldo


    I Actually think McInnes would do a good job as Scotland manager. Davidson hinted recently in an interview that he would do it in future. In my view, if we were to lose him to another team, I'd rather it was to Scotland and not one side of the Ugly Sisters or some crud team in the English Championship that would punt him if he didn't get promotion within 3 months. But I'd rather he stayed for a good while and won more with us.
  6. Sheldo


    YES! The McTominay in defence issue really really annoys me especially as he's regular with Man U in midfield. Its a waste of many players, both McTominay and the ones like Kerr that could be getting a chance.
  7. Sheldo


    Good points: we made a tournament, we had moments of decent performance (tho not against the Czechs) and we have some great young players that now have a taste of a major tournament which will hopefully spur them on to qualify for another one. Bad points: Steve Clarke lacks a plan B and even C. He also shows needless loyalty to players that underperform. Armstrong was honking tonight and O'Donnell wasn't much better. Should have been off at half-time. Marshall freezes to the spot too much as well. I could bang on about players that were not in the squad, particularly Saints players, but I actually think Griffiths would have made the difference tonight if he had been there and prepared to show up. But I'll be honest, I don't think Clarke is the best man for the job. Cant complain losing to the world cup finalists tho in a lot of ways. Croatia turned it up when they needed to, and Modric was amazing. Saints would have beaten them tho!
  8. Sheldo


    Was probably the best 0-0 I've ever seen. In fact, it's the only time I've seen a team (England) effectively get gubbed 0-0
  9. Sheldo


    Much better performance tonight by Scotland. Way more organised and gave England very little in the way of chances. I reckon Saints could have beaten England tho!
  10. Wouldn't it be great if the Cooncil, or ASDA or whoever owns it let it be covered in a Saints related mural? A wee nod to our former home on one half and a commemoration of the cup double on the other.
  11. Sheldo


    And particularly shite compared to Jason Kerr.....and Liam Gordon.
  12. Sheldo


    Belgium being a good team has little to do with it as Only 2 of the Belgian team actually play in Belgium. Oostends achievements are not at in any way better than Saints this season and I stand by what I say. Hendry is not good enough to play for Scotland and he was not the best option from what is available.
  13. Sheldo


    Unfortunately, we can only imagine it at the moment. Like, I can only imagine that Kerr would not be trying to take hapless pot-shots whilst leaving the back line open for them to get a break. And that Clark at least learned from the Shankland incident that you shouldn't be too far off your line. But, ya know, the other boys that got the nod had "experience" apparently!
  14. Sheldo


    I Agree 100%. We were passing about haplessly across the back line and the midfield were getting nowhere. They worked us out quickly and made the most of it. In fact, i'd say Scotland played worse than Hibs in the cup final! To be honest, when Clarke picked the squad and omitted Rooney and Kerr in favour of the likes of O'Donnell and Hendry I lost a lot of interest in Scotland. I get that loyalty and experience can bring a lot. But as a country, we need to be picking the players playing the best football. If winning a cup double is seen as "lesser" than being at 8th place Motherwell and being a Celtic reject playing at an average Belgian team, then we are fecked!
  15. My first saints game was a 1-1 draw V Ayr in 1995 when we were mid-table in the first division. i knew from that moment being a saints supporter was not gonna be glamorous.But if there is one thing being a Saints fan has taught me is never take anything for granted, never be complacent and never give up. Even in moments when i cant be arsed with football, i know i will always be a Saints supporter.