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  1. We will never sign 'complete' players with an excellent track record, in competition with other clubs. We know that the days of the transfer fee are (pretty much) over. So, of course we want to sign players who have 'failed' for whatever reason and hopefully they will fit in at Saints and prosper. I think a good example of this is Macca - he was seen as an alright player who hadn't done particularly well down south (in terms of making it big) but when he came to us he turned into a star. The opposite was Stephen Dobbie who for whatever reason didn't do that well at Saints but flourished elsewhere.
  2. I agree that it is unlikely (but possible) that one isolated incident would have a catastrophic impact on a player's self-confidence, but by the same token it is an incorrect assumption to make that players at the top level don't have problems with self-belief. There have been quite a few elite athletes in recent years who have (now that the stigma regarding mental health has diminished somewhat) recounted horrendous battles with low self-confidence, even when performing well.
  3. In what way is Lampard a bigger name than Gerrard? At least Stevie G. has won something in his managerial career, albeit in a 'diddy' league.
  4. Dasovic is in Vancouver, isn't he? Which is further away from Toronto than Perth is.
  5. Quick Google found this article praising Rotherham's prudence. Might be slightly out of date (2019) but turnover looks at least double that of Saints so presumably relative wages are similarly proportioned (or at the very least significantly more tempting than what Saints can offer)
  6. Never seen anything that marks the spot but I understood it to be basically where A&J Stephens Builders are based - which is opposite the prison.
  7. I've not seen anything, not even confirmation that they are doing them again.
  8. I am sure that they used the Astro pitches one year for an 'Open Day'. I have a picture of me and 'legendary striker' Michael Moore on said pitch
  9. That statement sounds very much like 'don't expect to hear anything more on this any time soon'
  10. Wow - that is really resting players
  11. I didn't see the point in resting players prior to the semi, given the time between games. However, I got the impression from Callum that the changes he made were more about giving everyone in the squad some game time, to keep them sharp - makes a lot of sense, and I guess he'll have a similar approach to the last two league games. It's never good to see the reserve team playing as it gives the impression that they have written the game off. However, we have a squad of players with no obvious stars so even if the regulars aren't playing, I would feel confident that the game is still winnable. Nice to be able to 'relax' (relatively) and let CD do what he does. No reason to question his judgement.
  12. My favourite quote from today...(BBC report): ‘Playing at Hampden is starting to look like a home tie for them’ never thought that would be said of Saints :-)
  13. I'm not sure I see the need to rest players given that it's 8 days til the semi final. Might be different if it was a midweek game. I can see Callum not playing anyone who is carrying a knock or possibly subbing certain individuals earlier than he might otherwise, but better to play a fairly strong team to maintain fitness levels and sharpness. And of course there's still the important matter of wanting 3 points in the quest for 5th place.
  14. Dooj

    Scottish Cup

    The dates and times for the Scottish Cup semi-finals have been confirmed, across the weekend of the 8/9 May. Dundee United will take on Hibernian at Hampden Park on Saturday, 8 May at 4pm and the following day St Mirren will take on St. Johnstone at 2.15pm. Scottish Cup 2020/21 Semi-Final Fixtures Dundee United v Hibernian: Saturday, 8 May, kick-off 4pm (Live on Premier Sports) St Mirren v St Johnstone: Sunday, 9 May, kick-off 2.15pm (Live on Premier Sports and BBC One Scotland)
  15. I think for knighthoods and damehoods the criteria specify that you haven't retired and are still active in your profession.
  16. I was on website to sign up and was able to watch live Italian footy via browser. Will install app too just in case.
  17. Quick Premier Sports viewing query - any difference (technical or otherwise) in watching via a browser or via the app?
  18. While I am sure that the players will be perfectly aware of how important the final is to fans, it's not going to be the same playing in front of an empty stadium, with fake crowd noise. It would be great if there was a mechanism for us to upload good luck messages (either written or preferably short videos) for the team, particularly so that they can see the faces of fans, and appreciate how many supporters there are around the world willing them on.
  19. Do you mean cos of the weather (forecast says 7 degrees and light rain) or a likely government imposed shut down of elite sport?
  20. I don't see why McCann would sign an extension with us. What would be the incentive for him? It would just mean that the buying club would have to pay Saints more; without an extension that cash will go to the player (and more importantly his agent) as a signing on fee. I think McCann has already shown the club plenty of loyalty by signing on til 2023. Appreciate there may be implications of his young age, development fees etc that may complicate things.
  21. I am not against fan ownership per se - it seems to work for some clubs. However, I definitely feel that it would be a mistake to only select Saints fans for the board. It's important that business decisions are made for the right reasons and with fans it is too likely that sentimentality will get in the way. Of course, every board member must have Saints' best interests at heart, but thats not the same as requiring them to be a 'fan'.
  22. Dooj

    New ownership

    When I read that, I just think that Ali McCann's days in a Saints shirt are numbered. Broons will be desperate to cash in rather than holding out for the best price or even <whisper it> holding on to our best players in an attempt to get more silverware. I understand that they have the sustainability of the club at heart and that Saints has to be run as a business but as a fan thats not what gets me excited (even though I am proud that the club is run much more ethically than many others).
  23. Yeah, what was that all about? Normally, you just pay cash and they open the turnstile. I am not surprised there were queues when they had to scan and distribute tickets too - I assume that this is for some sort of auditing purposes. I was completely unaware of the option of electronic tickets.
  24. I wasnt convinced that Hamilton played that well at all. However, that shouldnt take anything away from Saints who showed plenty of resilience. I raised an eyebrow when I saw that Spoony was starting - didnt take long for me to be utterly delighted that he was. Spoony and Kennedy and Tanser interplay down the left was outstanding throughout. While it was disappointing to lose two goals, I think they were both just 'one of those things'. We should have done better in blocking/clearing but Hamilton didnt really earn their goals through any pressure. Of course, Saints need to tighten up at the back but they were pretty comfortable for most of the game. I was surprised at the substitutions - Wright was left on longer than I thought he would be. I figured that a straight swap for MOH or Swanson was pretty obvious when Wright started to fade. Taking May off was a bit strange but makes sense if he was carrying a knock. Anyway it all worked out in the end. My first game at McD this season - was a good one to pick.