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  1. Easier. Ask for expression of interest by friday. Offer to 1st 1000?* season tickets bought, to be paid for by monday. Unsold goes to next tranche
  2. I could win a trophy with the budget rangers or sellick have. Gerrard been fortunate he has been able to buy decent squad, and compete against a celtic team in disarray. If he had won a treble or a double, or got close in europe, then fair enough. What Callum has achieved on the budget we have is phenomenal. Unfortunately west coast media falling over them selves to get back to the succulent lamb.
  3. Im calm, but despondent. Is it the life of a saintee to always expect the worst? Im fairly sure the team will not have been better prepared going into a semi, and they probably feel confident going into the game, but i wish o did. Cant help but feel that eyes are being drawn to the "cup double" story, and the wheels are going to fall off tomorrow. I hope im wrong, just have this feeling. (If its any consolation, i had the same feeling before the dundee tie)
  4. St. Paddy

    Scottish Cup

    Whens the draw?
  5. I feel physically ill, im so tense. Zander 3 good saves, back three been mainly solid, lost fat frog twice. Mccann and craig been everywhere in midfield. Wingbacks nulified by having to defend, Forward 2 worked their socks off. Spoony not at the races.
  6. 3. Mcnamara/Rooney. If either had played the whole season, i might have gone for them. 2. Melamed. All he does is score goals (not true, but cant recall much in the way of tracking back or covering players in our own half) 1. Wotherspoon. Been let of the leash i feel, and allowed to carry the ball and make runs. Skill on the ball, vision and movement have been top notch, may not have been THE best player in every match, but probably consistently been in the top 2 or 3 for almost every match he has played this year. Fantastic season from him.
  7. And which politicians are you supporting that are altruistic? If this or the next generation of SNP get us independence, thats good enough for me. After that, party politics and social agenda can hold weight, but for now they are by far and a long way the best of the current crop of sociopaths looking for personal glory.
  8. I cant understand how someone living in scotland, or from Scotland, can look south and think "no... i would rather be governed by them. They appear to have my best interests at heart" So much so they lap up the pish splashed on the floor by the bought and paid for unionist media.