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  1. Is it too early to start watching old games on you tube...? Starting to pace the house, need a distraction.
  2. Thats as dominant a 45 mins as ive seen from us.
  3. Would prefer unexciting. Cant see us dominating for long periods, so forcing anything would open the back door. Sit and pick them off, but we need more forward when the ball goes up top. Slowly slowly, catchy monkey
  4. Ahhh.... was trying to work out who kevin was that also played for raith....
  5. St. Paddy

    Rangers PPV

    I tried on three devices, and sent an email to cust support. Wouldnt let me log in after i bought the pass. Ive asked for refund from - And got this... Thanks for your email. We have received your request and will issue an update as soon as possible. Refund requests are dealt with Monday to Friday 9am-5pm (excluding public holidays I WILL LET YOU KNOW
  6. Can I vote for myself! For sitting thru that?
  7. Rooney, or dare I say it... Conway for his 2nd half contribution
  8. Ah was right sub. Kanes race is run, we are pissing on them, don't need to change shape
  9. I'm just gonna shut up, and watch the game....! Mon saintees
  10. Leave it as is, is suicide. They are battering us, and should be 2 or 3 up....
  11. 27 minutes gone, and hibs haven't needed a keeper... We are inviting them to run at us . need start doing the ugly stuff