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  1. Good lord. This is unwatchable Camera man having a mare.
  2. I just realised there is commentary... Had to turn volume to 100 Yes, my mistake, rooney in the back three, moh pushing up the right, not had to defend anything yet.
  3. Wait a minute.... theres conway.... Muzz on his own in the middle?
  4. A fluid 5 3 2 Ohalloran attacking up right, may and guy in the middle. Back three with rooney and booth drifting forward. Muzz n craig anchoring midfield Wind with saints, 5 forward balls gone too long
  5. Three big errors, hasnt settled into the game. Potentially playing for a contract, has shown nothing in this game so far to suggest to me we will miss him if he leaves. Hendry playing with the same level of desperation, but his mistakes wont cost us goals.
  6. I googled "hamilton ppv" , paid my money, and now im watching a musical about the formation of the Usa. When does the footy start...?
  7. Have paid for 3 games this season (1st time direct to saints ppv), and that was the best product. Picture available and clear 100% of the game with no buffering, and sound was crisp and consistent. Only logged in 5 mins to kick off, so cant comment on pre match feed.
  8. Agreed You can only beat whats in front of you. This wasnt the strongest 11 either. A few missed chances, but played 90 mins at a decent tempo and kept intensity up.
  9. Haha... i watched the game, and thought he had put on the beef...
  10. It very almost worked. Missing an out and out striker/goalscorer (he said, stating the bleeding obvious) We effectively played with a seven man midfield and no one up top If we had held on, it might have been the catalyst for a change in fortunes. Table doesnt lie unfortunately, but no way are we the worse side in the top flight.