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  1. What's Middleton shown to deserve a start? I thought Etu did OK in difficult circumstances, and needs more time on the pitch than the bench. He lost the ball at the half way line? So what, at least he was trying.
  2. Devil's advocate, but start the season early. Would benefit teams in europe
  3. St. Paddy


    Ah cheers... I had turned off by then! Thought I had read that 1st drawn tie gets home adv in final game.
  4. St. Paddy


    Thought we were at-home for both as drawn 1st?
  5. Cool. Cool as a cucumber. That was the turning point, when the modern era started. Everything else since then has been in the shadow of treanors penalty against aidrie all those years ago
  6. Davidson was sticking his foot in everywhere, and looked composed on the ball (excusing a couple of brain farts) Best ive seen him play, deserves it
  7. Testament to what we have achieved in the last ten years that i am bitterly disappointed we didnt put out galatasary I know going into it that it was a free hit, and my best expectation was to not be embarrassed. But the lads stood toe to toe, and landed more than one glove on a supposed heavyweight. The turks go home knowing they were in a game. On another day, with another ref... What if spoony had played? What if middleton or the finn had been signed in time? All in.... well done. Now lets get into these austrians... the gretna of the alps.