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  1. Tory sponsoring big business? Not business in general. Not the sme's Not the sole traders Not the casually employed. Not the arts
  2. No. Was carefully worded. They know exactly what the outcome will be if they mandate a closure. Compare and contrast with the message coming from Macron in france.
  3. He hasnt scored in over 90 minutes, so obviously is out of form.
  4. Adding in the season ticket holders who didnt attend?
  5. It was the 1st custom built all seater
  6. Am i correct in saying we are the BBC alba game for the 3rd week running?
  7. Ears are still ringing That was a top night, great fun.
  8. Queuing to get into @slf Not the regular poster on here, but the actual band he is named after. Is there normally a queue to get in to @slf?
  9. Any idea who the trialist is? Any better than what we have already?
  10. Small world. Thats the sports centre i play 5's in. As CPO i doubt he is around in the evening tho, i will still look out for him next time im there *(not stalking)