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  1. A tiered subscription plan should be the way forward. We live in a world where all major corporations (Apple, Microsoft, Google, Utilities, TV/Internet) all push monthly prices. It's a guaranteed monthly income for the club which, with a 30 or 60 day "cancellation window" replaces the risk of dwindling gates with cancellations as opposed to creating new risk. This can be taken up at any point in the season Membership £5-10/m Matchday tickets for all home games £20 Adult Exclusive SJFC supporters tshirt/polo Access to exclusive interviews with players/manager on our own online portal (Saints TV currently) Electronic matchday programme emailed out day prior to match (supplement can be paid to receive hard copy in post) 10% discount on all SJFC merchandise from club shop Premium Package £15-20/m As above except: Matchday tickets for all home games £15 Adult (subscriber only. Additional tickets for OF games or other targeted games for discounted price) 15% discount on all SJFC merchandise from club shop Saints card scheme available to premium members (the one currently in use) Full Package £30-35/m or £350ish annual fee As per Premium except: Free access to all home games Early access for away tickets Exclusive away match packages (ticket, food at McD and then travel - something along these lines) There are obviously so many more considerations to this but a model based on the above should be at the very least discussed.
  2. Sorry for taking so long to get the flag out to Barossa for folk to pick up. Primarily due to me expecting to make every away game and actually managing none since Dundee in December. Love that it's currently unbeaten on the road. Let's hope it stays that way.
  3. If anyone is around and wants to take the flag up for Saturday, let me know. I am working unfortunately
  4. Exiles After a delay on my part, we now have ownership of the flag. No room in my wee office to take pictures of it but once I get home in the morning I'll get it out and get the pictures up here. Looks incredible. First outing will be Wednesday's home game to Hibs. Will liaise with SLO regarding getting it up in the stand
  5. Sad to hear of his impending retirement. Seems to have started a debate across the media - social and print - as to where he ranks amongst Scottish and British sportsmen. For me, he ranks highest in my lifetime. Chris Hoy comes a close second for me. The names of Lewis Hamilton, Anthony Joshua and Ronnie O'Sullivan have all been mentioned with regards to current competing sportsmen but Murray shades ahead for me.
  6. Biggest marketing fail ever for me was not getting season ticket forms out for 2014/15 after we won the semi-final. Handing them out with cup final tickets at the ticket office and putting them in envelopes to those receiving their tickets by post. I often wonder how many ST holders we could've had that 14/15 season (and subsequent years due to habit) had the club been on the ball
  7. Any Exiles in attendance tonight? My brother and I are going to collect the match ball from Midge's testimonial on behalf of our grandad (kindly donated to him by @john.w, the winner of our raffle) at 6.30pm tonight.
  8. Just to let you all know, SS/AS/PS was cremated in Panama last week and his ashes are home. We're having a memorial service for him in St Matthew's Church on Tay St, Perth at 11am next Friday 13th July. Invite extended to any friends or family who would like to attend. Thanks, Joss
  9. Copyright Perthshire Picture Agency
  10. As with Tuesday, I’ll make a prediction for PanamaSaint so he finishes the season Saints 2-2 County Davidson 2825
  11. Lovely gesture. Far from his favourite place in the world however. Of all his guises on here I’d suggest that wouldn’t be the one he’d want to be remembered by. Perhaps something more personal would have been his preference, and trust me he’d be gutted it wasn’t named after him when he was still with us! Sixties, add me to your list for Midge’s match ball sponsorship.
  12. If you'll accept a prediction from me for Panama Saint... Hamilton 1-1 Saints Craig 1775