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  1. Yes, the Council, as I stated!
  2. I have been asked by Perth & Kinross Council to reassure you that the Council is aware of this reported theft and is taking it very seriously. A full investigation is being carried out and the Police are involved. It would be inappropriate to comment any further while a police investigation is underway.
  3. Came out of WAP retirement to vote on this. NO WAY!
  4. happy burfday to yooooooooooooo

  5. Nah, I paid enough attention to the game... thanks!
  6. Does anyone know the reason for this?
  7. He must have went to the same barbour as me then as it was on his window! I agree fully but please don't use Souness as a leading light to back us up
  8. Not me... starting to think my career is truely over!
  9. I'm sorry 101, your interpretation's not always the greatest. When we had our PM chat, you have taken a tiny bit of what I said and quoted it against me, to show yourself being victimsed. When I said "you will not be here forever", you would have to be pretty twisted to turn into me wanting to get you banned or hoping for it when taken in context of the rest of that chat. I was talking generally and I hope you have just picked that point up wrongly!! The majority of that message was saying that I like the fact that you have a difference of opinion, but you should think about how you speak to people / put your points across on occasions. I can also say that the individual is not best chuffed about the barely veiled allegations, so that alone could see the site get into trouble. But anyway, that's my contribution. Just wanted to clear up there's no vendetta against you on my behalf, and back up why the moderators have to be careful on occasions. I will not get involved any further as even though I am classed as a moderator, I have very little input to things!
  10. Not as exciting as four years ago... but a good series nevertheless with the swings back and forward throughout!
  11. Nah, not really, a lot of the doubters have been saying that they are starting to play some nice football and they are confident that we will start pulling in the right direction... mainly a young side, so that's promising, and living in the shadows of Everscum and Liverpoo, we don't have ideas above our expectations. We're fine thanks for your over concern!
  12. Yeah, the balance isn't right, but I would never say to go one way or the other!
  13. I didn't notice it being any different from usual!?!
  14. I can't access the forum at work O'Malley's Irish bar and you can still get a St Johnstone special... a whisky and pint:cool: The martian's main appearance was get hoisted up the flag pole in the square!! We took down the Swedish flag and put the alien and a Saints flag instead. I saw lots of shoppers looking funny and then hurridly leaving, so I assumed we had offended them, however they were soon back with cameras and getting us to pose for them... absolutely magic! Then onto Johnny Fontana's nightclub for some cheesy euro-pop... nice! Only downside of the trip, was arriving (the first Saintees to do so) and being met by a reporter who interviewed us. We got the equivalent of the PA with us starring on the front page... everything was good until we got it translated... "I was expecting big, ginger, hairy men with kilts and bag-pipes, instead they looked more like computer geeks!" Harsh but fair!
  15. It doesn't overly matter, but winning does help. I understand fully that it shouldn't be the be all and end all, but as things stand, there is importance placed on success and we want to keep our youngsters keen. If there was no competitive edge to football until you hit 16, I think a lot of kids will have drifted from the game and how do you know they will adapt to the pressures... which I believe is as vital to football as basic skills.