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  1. working in Edinburgh so going to make the trip to Livi ...... any other edinburgh based saintees going ?.... also can we get away tickets at the ground or do we need to buy from McD ?
  2. How is everyone getting to / from Dingwall... first train after match isn't until 7.30ish
  3. I'll see the highland saintees in the mallard , myself and Keiran will be coming through on the train
  4. Been living and working in belfast for 2 years now. Live 5 minutes from the oval in holywood. Lots of good pubs etc.... overe here no problems with saftey or security . Locals are very friendly however there is some parts of the city that make govan look like a 5 star resort ! Not to many pubs around the oval , drink in the city centre then taxi or walk to the ground. Its a short hop in a taxi from the airport as well . Few suggestions : Robinsons bar (opposite the europa hotel) has live music and good craic Cathedral quarter - lots of bars main ones being the harp bar , the duke of york, both very lively Kitchen bar - right outside victoria square shopping centre does an excellent bar lunch. As its marching season there will more than likely be a few band parades about the place so just be aware of that ... and as the oval is in a loyalist area there shouldnt be to many problems. Typically im away on holiday for this match If anyone needs any info on places to go things to see etc... give me a shout on here COYS
  5. What part of Belfast you live in .?
  6. Any highland saints venturing over for the glenavon game next week..?


    Looking forward to this game , seeing as I'm living in Belfast now, , anyone got details of where team staying etc.......
  8. Used to live in balvaird place which was the next street up from Florence place , could look out my window and see the roof of the stand , walked along about 2.45, uncle would lift me over the turnstiles and then a wee bit o macaroon a programme then stand behind the goal , often if it was bigger games we wud be under the cover , passing on encouragement to the away fans !,!, braw fun in them days
  9. Any highland saints goin to Dumfries ? Myself and Keiran are gettin the ferry over from Belfast with 2 fellow saintees,!, Be good to see any highland sainteees there
  10. Folks .... the next meeting will unfortunately be my last as a highland saintee as my work is taking me away from inverness and over to Belfast for the next year or so , so fingers crossed we draw an irish team in the EL !!!! SEE YA MONDAY
  11. Anyone know if the team are staying over in inverness sat night ? got keiran a new saints top for his birthday , and want to try get it signed by #may17. might go and stalk their hotel
  12. exactly seannichie id love to stick a few up around at work and in and around inverness , just for the crack
  13. where do we get the posters from ?
  14. yeah im up for that , should be a laugh im 38 now , so most def over 35 category
  15. my only saving grace is that theres no county fans at work , and all football chat was bout the cup final and how the **** will potentially get beat on Monday night !!!, ....... however did anyone else notice how average Aberdeen were without Pawlett and Hayes ?? lets hope they are injured for the Scottish cup semi