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  1. Few Saintees in Sandeman! Come the Saints! massive performance please!
  2. Few Saintees in Sandeman! Come the Saints! massive performance please!
  3. anyone know if Saints shop is open? Was gonna run up for scarf etc? Buzzed for tonight! 2 hours then finished work!
  4. tickers being sold at Parkhead today? or anyone got a spare for jock stein lower?
  5. Perth-Saint

    Spare Ticket

    any spares for jock stein lower?
  6. Happy May 17! Well done for waking up, it implies you may have gotten some sleep! haha.
  7. I have been given permission to make a small Saints display at my work:) Couple of questions.....the big posters, the ones in St.Johns at Waterstone side.....can we get these from the club as well aye? Also are people just using blue and white balloons or did I see some with the Saints badge on it? Thanks for help guys!
  8. has anyone got scarves/tops/posters/flags - little displays in there own window at home?
  9. do we know what the card thing is going to display yet?
  10. Perth-Saint


    Yeah I think this is a cool idea.
  11. Attending: Yes, me plus 12 others Tickets: Sorted, Jock Stein Lower, 141. Pre-match plans: Early train thro and then to a pub in the Centre. Planning to be at stadium real early to take it all in. Score Prediction: I can't even think of that! After Match: Depends on score!