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  1. .....and neither will I!!!! Well 1 - 2 Saints Vine 5934
  2. StDuncM

    Stand names

    The Long Stand............
  3. StDuncM


    You should write fairy stories because you would be a millionaire!
  4. StDuncM


    He has a poor(ish) injury record but he is a class full back who will get a another club in the higher echelons of English fitba imo. Not world class even a few years ago. Good but not world class.
  5. slf's post of the year and probably the longest!
  6. StDuncM

    Jody Morris

    He had a big heart, loads of passion and vision. Sad that he has gone. For a wee man he cleared the ball off the line on more than one occasion. Lets hope someone will step up to the plate.
  7. Looking forward to Fixmas then ss?
  8. Imagine Berwick Rangers against the Fallen Giants!