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  1. Clear difference in doing all you can and still catching it v heading out to a crowded pub. Points should be awarded to us
  2. Nothing in that...United been nippin the ref for that all game
  4. Some talk of it being bespoke....I would still put the mortgage on this in blue with white trim
  5. Welcome! Go to the East for the atmosphere.....stay in the Main for the leg room and view. With most games being streamed at the moment you may be able to pick up on some of the games online when Argyle are not in action. Either through usual streaming websites or £15 gets you an international Saints TV subscription and with a VPN or browser with geo- spoofint (one that will let you change your location) you should get the games live
  6. Thats basically what I have been doing this season paying the int subscription and using EPIC browser which provides free geo spoofing. And will hopefully do the same this season. Just because we may be able to return at some point does not necessarily mean we should in my view and until there is a solution to this virus I will be limiting public outings hence I wont be getting a season ticket. If all home games for the season had been on Saints TV regardless I would of bought however I find the 3pm blackout very strange. The thing is we are forced to do 'workarounds' to view these games which are even though I am subscribed are ultimately costing the clubs money. I would happily pay say ~ £20 a pop to view a game (home and away) at 3pm on my PC. Lets face it if for what ever reason you dont want to attend (extra travel costs, weather, mobility, mates not going, or simply cant be arsed) the draw of being forced to actually attend to watch is not so great to get you along. I had a ST last year (35th year) but did not attend for most of the reasons above. If I did not have Saints TV, I would not of been at games and probably would of lost interest entirely, the live games and some banter with those on here doing likewise kept me still interested. However I do feel like I am cheating the club to a certain extent as they could get more money out of me if they simply allowed PPV for 3pm games. Simply not allowing it is not going to get me through the doors of McD
  7. At least he didn't get caught speeding and then give his brothers name ...
  8. Along with home season ticket a single match day ticket, essentially pay per view seems the most logical to me and maximises income
  9. Honestly he is not really irreplaceable. Lots of potentially just as good or better players will be gagging for a wage come the start of the season, whenever that is. Even at the moment you have the the likes of Jonny Hayes, who sounds like he just wants regular football could be tempted for the same money. Lets face it going forward, footballers valuation of themselves will not be met.
  10. MacPhee also released by Heartz....
  11. Working now....have skipped to 9 mins in
  12. This sounds very like something has happened in the background. Feels very much like Kirsten Robertson got her way
  13. How is this all going to work with the Rooney pre contract?