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  1. Really disappointing line up. I hope I'm wrong but the only goals we have scored in the last 2 games have come from input from Guy
  2. Can we please get someone on the pen spot for these crosses!.....4 at the front post there
  3. Another ****ing cross ball...**** off
  4. Maybe if our strikers did not run about so much and actually got in The box from time to time.........
  5. Guess this is all we are ever going to get to compare with Guy May
  6. Didn't take MOH to regain the manager's trust then..... honestly melamed is just taking up a wage at this point
  7. Seriously can we stop with the add breaks in commentary every 5 mins.....who are they aiming them at...we are all saints fans watching the saints commentary, we know!!
  8. Another aspect of modern "football" to utterly suck the joy out of the game
  9. A better performance maybe but that still only elevates us back to the level of looking a bit better on the ball in the middle of the park. Still practically zero attacking threat where it matters and still guaranteed at least one goal lost via a complete defensive ****'s not a good mix
  10. That's one word to describe it.....