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  1. Sooo technically he has saved the last two pens he has faced?
  2. Well one cup in a year is good going
  3. Still prefer him coming for the crosses and coming out as he has been recently. And another pen save
  4. I missed the replay but anyone else think Zander got the ball? If benefit of doubt was given to the Dundee lad in the first half...
  5. So the ref goes to the player asked him what happened....oh he hit me in the Gordon
  6. That's a stone waller
  7. Was wondering that, was tweeted that there should be.....maybe only on saints TV?
  8. Interesting that we have perhaps (I'm a bit drunk so not taking this in) now been a top flight club more than we have just because we were shit in the 80s...... Including the 2016–17 season, the team have spent 46 seasons in the top tier of the Scottish football league system, 44 in the second and 4 in the third.