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  1. Excellent. Really well done saints
  2. Yeah there I'd at least something in fleetwoods I follow. Wither that will become PPV or not I don't know Comes to ****ing something where only Arbroath have managed to give an actual PPV offering. A week away from the start of the season and we are still none the wiser what saints TVs will be offering this year
  3. Have to say really impressed with Arbroaths PPV offering. Good interviews pre game and a half time one with CD Also nice to see proper sponsors adverts being played during sensable times like at half time rather than being spelled out during the game Really well thought out and good production quality
  4. No sound or picture for me
  5. I'm going to leave this until tomorrow but looks like Preston are getting my money right now Nothing upcoming on the PPV site
  6. Appologies if I have missed this, but has there been anything from the club regarding PPV for this comming season perhaps even a PPV season ticket of sorts? We are almost a week away from our first pre season game, will this be on saints tv? Nothing upcoming on the ppv site and the main site didn't even have the new season fixtures up yet...
  8. Have to say I'm a bit drunk and emotional....but for many of my close friends, and myself this has been a truly horrendous few months, loosing those close to us. These things do not happen to st Johnsone and I cannot help but think there is not a touch of devine inspiration there so for, Melvin cammide, ken birse and Ken Smeaton this is for you and thank you for making your son's so proud. You gave us this team, and instilled a pride in it and in our city that will last forever
  9. Lost my Dad in January, he would of been loving this. Still get the urge to phone him after every game. I know he has been looking down
  10. Great result....... seriously though porteous better than, Kerr, Gordon or mccart......I think not