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  1. Yip Wednesday / Tuesday would make sense. Horsing it down in Aberdeen BTW
  2. Not physically no.....but I'm pretty sure whoever is there day to day is under pretty clear instructions on how things are to be done May explain the ever revolving position that is head of football whatever
  3. That's the sentance that always interests me. Its one of those ones where when push comes to shove no matter how good an offer or how rich some oil Barron may be will it ever be good enough? It will be a hard wrench for the Browns to sell or hand the club over. We all know they have the best interests of the club at heart but I often wonder if they see the Brown way as the only way to run it and anyone with differing ideas will be seen as not right. They may be right in this but different is not always worse. It just feels a bit like a no man...or good enough for my daughter scenario
  4. ****ing embarrassment total ****ing shambles. Crawford 2 years? Rip that up now and get that non entity back to the midden
  5. E2 honestly one of the last I would be taking off here
  6. These were...ahem....acquired from the saints club under the stand at muirton park at least that is where Dad got our two. As to cost....whatever anyone is willing to pay really
  7. 3 young midfielders needed on the window and return the boy to St mirren
  8. Some nice touches from E2 but surprisingly looks like he lacks match sharpness
  9. Midfield chasing shadows yet again.....then bryson decides to try and tackle one....
  10. Him showing how you play a semi against the old firm
  11. Big zander up front parish in goal IMO
  12. Probably in the minority here but not a fan
  13. Far to many balls not being picked up by this midfield