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  1. This, like you say probably season ticket holders in the first instance and then you have the added overheads of having people on the ground. Even if it was a percentage of paying customers allowed in that extra ticket price starts getting eaten into by the extra overheads. Maybe to a point that PPV is actually making you the same if not more? Mind you I do think other clubs have underpriced their PPV..... From a saints point of view given our deals on family's etc v £17.50 for PPV, how much are we really down income wise purely in ticket income given on an average gate we probably have ~ 2000 paying customers? Not all paying full price? Does that then actually average out at 2000 around the £17.50 mark? Are we pulling in that many or more on PPV? It would be nice to see a PPV 'attendance' just to see what the uptake is actually like.
  2. Seems strange to say, given Hendry did get important goals for us last year but I agree. Not sure if May was carrying a niggle or what, but purely tactically there is no way in a game like that at 0-0 you take him off. That scramble after the save at the end, may is exactly the striker that has a knack for the ball falling to him
  3. Normal service resumed. We HAVE to start getting what we deserve from games
  4. Some really good chances, need to take a couple
  5. Thought the new Guy would of at least made the bench
  6. More to the point how many goals can you actually truly fault him for? A couple fall into the might of done better but again recently returned from an injury that has seen him miss most of preseason. Made a couple of saves at the weekend at pivotal times. Ones he should be expecting to make maybe, but he made them It's also worth noting this is quality and quantity of saves and the top 3 keepers one plays for st mirren and one Hamilton. So I would suggest they are probably facing more shots which ups the number. Also who looked the better keeper last Saturday?
  7. Got an uneasy feeling about this. Genuinely probably the best 40 mins we have had in the premier this year though.
  8. On now. Twice though the pre match show has not been available though
  9. To be fair to parish there was a deflection or something as the ball had a fair bit of movement on it
  10. Speaking of which, signed for alloa I believe