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  1. sideline


    Gave away the first and third goals tonight. Looks like his confidence is shot.
  2. Must admit that while results are less than I would have hoped I have enjoyed our play much more this season than in recent times. On many occasions over recent seasons I sat through many of our games and was less than entertained. I feel that many of our attacks are quite creative but often let down by the final ball. as for Spoony, he is prepared to have a real go but as often happens with creative players they loose possession and become subject to criticism. There were two great runs by Spoony, one I think on each flank where he left Utd. defenders sprawling in his wake but then, as is often the case, the final ball failed to find a man. I remain positive that things will come right. Remember, we still have Guy to unleash but please give him some time.
  3. I like McCann but not one of his best games today. After all it is a squad game and we did that today.
  4. Seems to say it should have started at 1.45.
  5. Has anyone logged in to Killie ppl yet? I just seem to get the Killie Logo.
  6. sideline

    Season Tickets

    Will we exceed this year’s sales next year though?
  7. Total shambles. Add another one to the disinterested supporter list.
  8. Surprises are not always good surprises unfortunately.
  9. Our transfer dealings seem to be based on high powered inertia. i think this whole attitude must be dripping into the mental and morale confidence of the current squad. I dread the games over the next few weeks.
  10. I also read it that Hibs are also looking for whoever loans him have to pay his full wages.
  11. We really are going to Hell in a handcart.