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  1. I had this problem but then found my e mail had been incorrectly held by the club. Worth checking with them.
  2. To be honest I expected Muzz despite him having a great game to be replaced by Liam at some stage of the second half. I think Davidson being great in the air was the factor in keeping him on. Mind you Liam delivers a mean set piece while Spoony’s delivery was a little disappointing tonight.
  3. Ticket office phoned me today (Sunday) and sorted me a single seat. Extremely impressed by the service.
  4. To me the whołe team looked a bit rusty but nothing that a few more matches will not solve. Just hope the European game is not coming a week early.
  5. When will be advised about reserving seats for the home European tie?
  6. So when was the earliest time you could actually reserve a seat for the match. Presumably if no ticket available then the match will be on Saints TV. I hate sitting at the end of a ground.
  7. It appears all seats are taken other than the North stand which are all grouped seats
  8. As a season ticket holder n the East Stand, I have been attempting to reserve a seat. I am only being offered a seat in the North stand but all of these are groups of two or three so cannot reserve a seat. Confused!!
  9. sideline


    Gave away the first and third goals tonight. Looks like his confidence is shot.
  10. Must admit that while results are less than I would have hoped I have enjoyed our play much more this season than in recent times. On many occasions over recent seasons I sat through many of our games and was less than entertained. I feel that many of our attacks are quite creative but often let down by the final ball. as for Spoony, he is prepared to have a real go but as often happens with creative players they loose possession and become subject to criticism. There were two great runs by Spoony, one I think on each flank where he left Utd. defenders sprawling in his wake but then, as is often the case, the final ball failed to find a man. I remain positive that things will come right. Remember, we still have Guy to unleash but please give him some time.
  11. I like McCann but not one of his best games today. After all it is a squad game and we did that today.
  12. Seems to say it should have started at 1.45.
  13. Has anyone logged in to Killie ppl yet? I just seem to get the Killie Logo.