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  1. Not a shop, but just found out the Isle of Skye Toby carvery is closing on the 23rd Jan
  2. They've just announced we've hit the 15,000 mark! Brilliant effort everyone......... COYS
  3. No problem, to be fair, never tried a live stream so not sure. Have to say, never experienced any lag for anything I've used it for. Good luck, would be gutted for you if you missed out!
  4. Can you load up a piece of software called Cyberghost? This dummies your IP address and fools websites into thinking you're within their region. This could work for logging into your parents SkyGo if you choose the UK location on the options.
  5. If he's on the 9.37am one, he is. Give him my mobile number, we'll meet up with him so he's not travelling on his tod. Not really decided what we're doing yet, but fancy the Times, sounds like it'll be belting pre-match!!
  6. Oi Oi, no, we're on the choo choo! get in to Glasgow about 11.45
  7. Don't think you'll see him paying for a drink there on Saturday at least, eh Mav?
  8. 0-0 HT, EsEs with a couple of chances, but good possession
  9. Yep, kicked off at 6pm our time. Found a feed but it's just buffering.
  10. Attending: Yes + wife & 2 daughters Tickets purchased: Yes Mode of transport: all aboard the Pride of Perth (going on the train ) Pre-match plans: find food & drink Score: 3 - 1 After match plans: where ever the celebrations are!!!
  11. The Cherrybank are ramping up their support, had a large COYS billboard put up at the roundabout this afternoon and have taken delivery today of a Saltire with the Saints badge on which is apparently going up on the pub roof tomorrow! edited to add: Well done Soupy, great effort!!