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  1. Fantastic saints well done to everyone involved let’s get some more fans in To support the team coys
  2. I am sure tommy will sort something out very soon . On the cash front Wee should move everyone into main stand when the ugly sisters turn up end off ! Saints fans don’t turn up anyway and for everyone that says I am not moving my seat keep watching and don’t moan if you are not prepared to do something to help out
  3. Surprised foster hit the door after saturdays performance.
  4. lampshade


    Tanser give the lad a chance for god sake Darnell was honking when he came turned into no a bad player
  5. Well done to all saints fans over there enjoy your night and have a safe trip home
  6. It's not rocket science or anything to do with summer football, they were just better than us end of story ! The club have been neading another striker for a very long time and wee have not addressed the situation simple as that on to rugby park on the 5th august it is coys.
  7. Miller great news ,Swanson good riddance won't miss him one bit done nothing but mess us about he will need a cushion for the bench he will be on
  8. Great result on a horrible night , killie forum saying the fan made it so good news hopefully
  9. Anderson new captain ! Great choice
  10. Zander superb lad ! Great shift bye the players
  11. Was a fantastic captain and a gent good luck Dave ! Loved the day he had a go at sandaza who was being a knob at the time