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  1. City of culture. The only place where you can put a line on, drop stuff off at the charity shop, get a haircut, grab a tea and buy some batteries for a pound all in the same street!
  2. Just realised that Mad Max is still alive. Saw him in Scone yesterday. Looked sober actually!
  3. As much as I love Dasovic, apparantly he was a nightmare when in charge of Toronto FC. Think he was sacked by them.
  4. I'm probably going to get a slagging for this but I think that we should get rid of both Del and Geoff Brown if he'd sell to a decent buyer! He's no ambition for the club and I think that it shows with the prices, lack of fans attending games, signing utter crap (a couple of names in the past 2 seasons being excempt) etc. Fair enough we're not in any debt and fair play to him for that but at least show some ambition at the club. If his horse needed a new stable for example, I bet he wouldn't be shy to stick his hand in his pockets then.
  5. Personally, I'm disgusted with the way that the fans have been treated last season and now with the season ticket renewals. I love the club but I'm not willing to just throw cash away for the sake of having a season ticket any more. It's just shown that Brown's full of it with the whole rewarding season ticket holders promise to just get the tenner off he's adding on! We'll get another voucher for "4 for 3" in the restaurant which frankly is utter rubbish. Maybe looking at other clubs ideas and what they offer would be a good starting point and including a couple of cup games in the season ticket might tempt more people.
  6. Bit of a bump adding £10 onto the price then saying that renewing supporters are getting £10 taken off the renewal cost. Basically just the same as last year then! So much for Brown giving season ticket holders something back since he dropped the gate prices etc at a few games last season.
  7. After looking over finances etc, I might just pay at the gate. Gutted to not renew it but I've got other stuff to pay for this year so needs must.
  8. Davie81

    The SCHEME

    Brilliant! Here's hoping it'll be on for the full run this time.
  9. No matter who we get as a replacement it won't change the fact that we won't be able to sign players who we'd love to get or get the stands full.
  10. Thoughts on Munro?? Possible signing target?
  11. It's mentioned in the PA aswell today. Think he's signed a pre contract.
  12. Anyone know if you can renew your season ticket by credit card instead of paying monthly dd? Trying to work out if it'd be cheaper depending on the charge applied for using a card.
  13. Davie81

    Murray Davidson

    Don't want to see him go but let's be honest, when will Brown ever turn down a decent amount of money? He's probably got some new shoes to buy for his horse so he needs the spare cash.
  14. I heard on Sat that apparantly we've pretty much got Leigh Griffiths signed up on a loan deal for next season. Surely can't be true!! Also heard that Haber's on his way back.