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  1. Anyone heading to Ibrox tomorrow?
  2. If we cant play Dundee i will settle for any sort of Tayside derby in the next round if there are any other Tayside teams still in the cup
  3. If only we could draw Dundee then beat them and then sing this song Tell all the Dee's you know That its 108 in a row They've not won the cup since 1910 Oh its 108 in a row Oh well Maybe next year replace 108 with 109
  4. A bad result today, typical saints we get a few good results beat Dundee at home, get a good draw at a fairly difficult away game then follow it up with a bad result at home against lesser oposition, heres hoping next we do typical Saints the other way and follow up a disappointing home loss against supposedly easy oposition with a good away win next week against harder opposition
  5. Considering going up be good to go a trip somewhere different, if i do go I'll be driving up probably and its a bit of trek from down my way so undecided
  6. I wouldn't mind being on the Inverness-Perth train right now, it'll be absolutely f#*#ing bouncing
  7. You can't help but wonder, where would Liverpool be now if Stevie Gerrard had stayed on his feet that day against Chelsea
  8. When you see what a good job Hearts and Hibs have made of upgrading their old terraced grounds to all seater you have to question wh a club the size of Aberdeen have made such a poor job of theirs. When are Aberdeen actually going to move to their new ground, wonder if it will happen before or after the old filth move to England,
  9. Jim Spence loves an away day with the Saints in Europe, he will be there
  10. Great day yesterday good journey up and back on the barossa bus, good game, superb atmosphere, a few celebratory drinks were enjoyed last night met Steven Maclean who was out ended up getting his Saints tracksuit top. a video of the aftermath of Chris Kanes goal
  11. Is this a private Edinburgh Elite day out or are all welcome to join, if so keep in touch with arrangements etc, up for a wee away day on the train with a few lemonades next week not had one for ages,
  12. Got the weekend off, so up for this game and day out, gonna book train late are you getting the 11 train up?
  13. Thomas_sjfc

    Yes Or Naw?

    Dissapointed with the but at the end of the day regardless of how we voted we need to accept the no vote was succesful and move on together lets leave the whining about a democratic no vote being succesful to our sevconian govan friends. The people of Scotland now need to unite regardless of political persuasion to ensure that the extra powers promissed are actually delivered in a way that best serves the needs of the people of Scotland