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  1. No problem, I've got a mate from work goes past there, so I'll be there. I'll PM you my phone number now.
  2. I work near Haymarket and finish at 5 but can get away as early as 4.30pm. I should be able to get to anywhere in Edinburgh that suits.
  3. Is anyone driving up and back from Edinburgh on Thursday and has a spare seat? I can't guarantee good banter but am happy to cover petrol!
  4. Other clubs will slate us but I say fair play to the lads for having a laugh and doing that.
  5. How are Hibs able to claim "emergency" (other than the obvious fact they are pish and didn't sign anyone!)
  6. Tommy has confirmed he wants someone in:
  7. Rudi Skacel anyone? 35, maybe too old. Attacking Midfielder, maybe not whats needed. How about a pay per play deal?
  8. I'd second that Benjo. Most likely to be O'Halleron I think.
  9. Ghostie's grammar is on a par with mine too! There/Their
  10. Ha, when you suggested it I assumed you knew the meaning! Just as well I looked it up also!
  11. Here you go Saintees Sheep:
  12. Had to look that one up! I'll give it a try!
  13. Does seem like quite a bit of apathy about this game. At the end of last season I'd have been delighted to beat Aberdeen then Motherwell. Does no one think Graham will get put straight in the team? I know he's hardly had time to get to know the team but he's got had a pre-season and a good one by his reckoning. How about: Mannus Mackay Ando Scobbie Easton O'halloran Millar Brown Spoony MacLean Graham Croft, Lappin, Morgan and Kane among others on the bench.