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  1. This says you can pre book up to 2 hours before the bus leaves. If your flight is delayed, they automatically ytansfer you to the next bus
  2. Here's a site for your Lithuanian beer - Svyturas Ekstra is my favourite, not forgetting Kiss Pear cider. Here's the airport site with what you should be payting for your taxis. As you may get a rogue taxi driver, I suggest you go onto Google maps and work out the distance between your airport and your hotel and use that to work out a price and then agree on it before you set off 1 kilometer (from 6:00 to 22:00) 1,01 Eur 1 km at night (from 22:00 to 6:00) 1,16 Eur 1 km on weekends and holidays 1,16 Eur 1 km on motorway 1.16 Eur Initial charge 1,45 Eur 1 min waiting time 0,29 Eu A lot of the taxi drivers don't speak English so maybe a good idea to have the name of your hotel printed out. Otherwise, you can pre book a taxi here. If anyone is panning touristy stuff, I'd recommend KGB museum - quite harrowing though I can suggests a few other things to do, other than pubs, for anyone over for more than just a couple of days. Just ask CS
  3. I thoroughly enjoyed Peter & Roughie show last night with Dave as special guest
  4. *Clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap* "PERTH SAINTS" Why would you need more than that? ;-)
  5. I think you might be right, Saints fixtures at least. Pity, cause i wanted Hearts at home to return a favour. On the other hand, if the Hearts game is away, it's still a home game to me.
  6. Aberdeen at home is the only one I'd like to predict
  7. I've been saying for weeks that "He should have saved that" or "If he had come off his line he could have prevented that". My pals have been disagreeing, until today. He has certainly lost something (or things) and for the manager to have to shout at him to take a goal kick from the other side is a bit weird. He's been outstanding in the past but, if an outfield player had such a dramatic loss of form, he would be replaced. Zander, your time has come
  8. Ooh, SLF, you make me squirm. Freddie was in my first version. Then, when I counted the players in my first version, I had 12 players so I had to drop one. I had an inkling that, whoever I dropped, it would come back to haunt me. And you have proved me right. ;-)
  9. Out of the 2 eras, here's the team I would pick Donaldson Lambie MacKay Rooney CoburnAird Millar O’Halloran Hall Connolly Pearson
  10. That's my photo which I uploaded on to the internet a few years ago. I wish I could tell you more about it but, unfortunately, I don't remember the date or game. I'll have to rake it out again to see if there is anything written on the back of it. Not the same game, but the same ballboys are on duty here in a game against Rangers. I'm at the ice rink end
  11. Sorry for posting a Rangers link. But Johnny Hamilton did things with a football for Saints that I never thought was possible