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  1. I used to go through with the older Stanley lads in the 80's some were FCF some Pack related and some were mental. When I went to Aberdeen some of their older boys used to ask for the Perth Pack
  2. A' you lads have a great day out ( especially Stanley crew ). Hopefully team will do the support and themselves proud. Watching in New Zealand.
  4. A real sense of grief down here in NZ but the Welsh and All Blacks will show a fitting tribute - rugger buggers and pit lads Utd - RIP
  5. Anybody help me watch the saints game in New Zealand the morrow - websites??
  6. I think they used some of the guys fae the home in North Muirton - was it Colonsay? A couple of our lads frequented there.
  7. Get oot of Perth and go to Stanley doon the Linn / Mill. Pint brawl in the Tayside finished off with a dram in the Strathord. You'll run in to some of Stanley Lads relations and they will gouge yer eyes oot
  8. Agree about going to the ground before it's gone. Go to Brechin Airdrie - went to Peterhead v Airdrie a couple of weeks back and they were playing decent football and the game has something to play for
  9. Know him well fae Stanley but as coach know nowt. What would he bring to the team don't know? Only thing I knew was he smashed up a guy caught with his missus.
  10. He used to fall about the streets of Stanley - a total steamer.
  11. Remember their 4 fans stopped with their flag on the way down the road last game of season at McD. If it wasn't so far I would be down there with a flag outside sayin good riddance
  12. His dad was manager oot there
  13. It was Davie. Hanny had some skill at Stanley Primary he used to do all the tricks in the playground. Some pair.
  14. I trained at Muirton at the same time and there were far better players but he did grow to some size. I think we discovered ale women etc but his dad kept him on the straight and narrow. Used to enjoy if we played Letham Celtic and North Muirton were gubbing them I always got moved back fae midfield to hae a boot at him.
  15. I take it you mean Lush fae Stanley. He used to live next door to me. Hodgie I know he has a past but in the end he regretted what had been done. Grew up on the Stanley bus - great memories.
  16. Forgot to say the missus has the female brigade roond for some sort of body shop party(I'll pay for a new body for some of them) so football is my only escape
  17. Totten good guy. He picked me from a trial game to train at Muirton for a season. Him and Bertie with enthusiasm and knowledge and of course TC kicking my erse - great memories. Holding Bertie's Scottish Cup medal and him telling me that this was what it was all aboot - sorry had a dram the night
  18. Is the Starks bar still there? Childhood memories from in there sittin' with bag o crisps and glass bottle of coke watchin' the Stanley bus in action. There used to be a fair bit of banter at Muirton and Starks atween the fans.
  19. Think for me it was 1985 - getting beat at hame fae tattiepickers Ayr and Killie