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  1. So you'll all still be there tomorrow night then, yeh?
  2. Have you all been banned or have they just closed that section of the ground?
  3. Are we witnessing the death of FCU? With numbers dropping and the amount attention they are getting from the police and stewards every game, will this group of fans fold? I hope not as they have brought back an atmosphere which has been missing for years. If what i hear is true and the police chapping doors pre games and banning orders can you blame them!
  4. Any reason why Easton didn't start tonight?
  5. Hit Tam Scobbie by mistake!! LAUGH OUT LOUD
  6. Would have prefered Alston in behind McLean. We dont even play 2 up top at home! COYS...
  7. The only player that should have been given a rest from midweek was Millar. The others should have been raring to go. Poor from Tommy and his team. Did anyone catch his post match interview? What was his chat?
  8. Disagree about Alston, i thought he played well and that TW should have kept him on the park. Murray Davidson picked up a knock in the 1st half and was not the same player. As already raised, we are crying out for a striker, someone who will have a pop from 25 yards and has a bit of a swagger, disappointed in Kane today, this washis chance to nail that role and he bottled it. Big game next Sunday!
  9. I think you need to realise it was a brilliant header from Rooney. Yeah Ando could have done better but i would hardly blame him for the goal. The cross should have been stopped.
  10. Poor game and I dont want to sound like im targeting Paton again but he is gash. He cannot pass the ball on the ground...every single pass he makes is lofted, wtf is that all about?!!!
  11. The big problem is, Paton is not very good and cannot see him get a look in once Millar is fit. Davidson, Millar and McLean would all be good for it if they weren't on the sidelines all the time. What about Joe the throw?
  12. Zander...8 starts and 8 wins. Has to be his jersey to lose now.
  13. Any news on Watsons latest set back?