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  1. Nold

    Big Sam

    That's the one. We were in the stand across from the Main Stand rather than behind the goal. I think Dunfermline had Sergio Duarte playing in midfield, decent in dry weather but couldn't cope in the mud of a Scottish Winter. He was the only player to have an odder running style than David Robertson.
  2. Nold

    Big Sam

    He still has a Saints connection though, he played for us briefly in the mid 90s. A pretty dreadful right winger who I seem to remember playing in a 1-0 win at east End Park on a cold, wet day in January. The only player worse than him was new signing Thomas Andersson who was picking up where Peter Fyhr had left off in the rubbish Swedish striker stakes.
  3. Danny Grainger did not have a PCA with Hearts, he signed for them at the end of the season once his contract had expired. It's not like you to have all of the opinions but none of the facts.
  4. After deciding late on Friday to buy a couple of tops to take to the Alashkert away leg, Jason was good enough to send them guaranteed next day delivery on the Saturday and generously included some freebies at the same time. Great service.
  5. This clearly comes down to two distinct issues. The fact Andy has an unusual and at times baffling point of view and also his repeated disdain and at times violent intentions against some on the forum. Personally I can't be bothered with reading a lot of what he says but that also goes for what a lot of what certain other posters say. I therefore choose to not take a blind bit of interest in their views on 'Dr Goaless' or repeated mentions of whether Novikovas is cup tied. That does not make any of their tedious points, or Andy's any less valid. As for the violent intentions, they can not and should not be condoned however we have all had bad days and said things we did not mean. The fact the guy has made thousands of posts must show this forum means a fair bit to him. Could this not all be resolved with an apology and we can move on to discussing better things?
  6. Nold

    Gary Macdonald

    If he is a magnet then surely they would be running to him, i.e. marking him?
  7. How dare you? Are you not aware Chris is completely above reproach on this forum because some people are on a first name basis with him?
  8. Nold

    Nick Mckoy

    Nick McKoy arrested on match fixing charge in Australia.
  9. Count me in for the bus. Noldette won't be able to finish work in time to join us unfortunately.
  10. train tickets booked. It's the 1130 we need for getting to Dundee as the 1100 is £23.