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  1. At the very least there should be an EXPLOSIVE dossier about it.
  2. Could only be topped if all 11 had taken their tops off to reveal a second strip beneath all naming them Mackay.
  3. Sent off on about 40 minutes, and told the police he was Billy Davies when he was caught speeding on his way down the road. I thought we'd won that one 2-1 with two headers from Ian Redford, one of which was an amazing effort from the 18 yard line. I rated Davies as a player, the boo boys destroyed his confidence.
  4. Can't decide. O'Halloran was tremendous but those headers were abysmal. Whole midfield was outstanding. Thought Gary Miller had a great game.
  5. Thought Main signed for us in Div1 when Baltacha and Inglis were gone.
  6. I would guess that Muzz returning to something like form was the end for McDonald.
  7. Scotland last minute winner for Accies at Thistle.
  8. Pauloperth has made some rhymes To riff on Simon Lappin Truth be told his work's so fine I'm left with just a tap in
  9. Prize won per round is: 3rd £6k, 4th £8k, 5th £10k, QF £12k, SF £15k, F £60k Loser gets £30k in the final
  10. Johnstoun

    Dundee Utd

    It's got tougher since they added nets and a crossbar to be fair.
  11. What's that weird silver thing in the Saints' trophy cabinet?