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  1. I have been suggesting 3 at the back for a while now, because of the fact that the players aren't good enough. An extra central defender to act as another pair of eyes to try and anticipate things a bit more couldn't hurt. I would suggest that we need to get back to a position of being hard to beat, first and foremost, and then take the confidence that a couple of clean sheets give to push on. No idea why Tommy signed Vihman on loan when he hasn't had a look in since the start of the season. Why not add him to a shaky looking defence, as he has, at least, had some experience of both domestic and national football, so could surely provide a bit of experience to the other 2. This would let the left and right wing backs either push on or sit and make it a hard back 5 to break down, giving a platform then for the rest of the team to try and be a bit creative. I agree that we need at 2 centre backs. Kerr needs to be taken out of the team for his own good, as this season is killing his confidence. He needs to be taken out of the spotlight. Duffy is not good enough as a centre half, and Gordon hasn't shown himself to be any better, when he was in the team. We need to let Callaghan, Swanson, McMillan and Vihman go and use the wages to get in 2 experienced centre halves.
  2. If Ambrose is a free agent, why do we have to wait till January to sign him ? I was under the impression that free agents could be signed at any point, as long as their previous contracts had been terminated before the end of the transfer window. This makes me think that this is all a bit of a smokescreen, as if we really wanted him, we could just sign him now and get him fit before January.
  3. Surely, after releasing Foster, we did
  4. This is true, however, I think it would be worth a shot. the lack of depth in the squad at certain positions is clear, however, I don't think that we can discount a formation due to lack of subs to cover the positions. If an injury happens, then the management are paid to deal with these situations. Don;t know if Booth can provide cover for a central defender as well as left back ? Wotherspoon can play centrally as well as wide. We would essentially have 5 in midfield, if you consider the wing-backs as deeper lying wide midfielders, so don't think that we would be over run, but you could certainly drop Holt deeper, and allow McCann to play behind the striker, or play Kennedy there instead. I think that we need to get back to being solid and hard to beat first and foremost, and then use that to build again going forward. I am aware that we are dropping a lot of our creative players such as Kennedy, Wright and O'Halloran, however, at the minute, they are not saving us when we go 1 or 2 goals down, so I think a radical shift is needed to steady the ship.
  5. There is a lot of talk about the formation and whether we should go to 4-4-2, however, given how soft we appear at the centre of defence, would it be worthwhile putting in an extra central defender and going to 5-4-1, and be hard to beat first, before anything else ? We brought in the lad from Estonia, so why not put him in alongside Duffy and Kerr ? Ralston and Tanser can push on to give width when need be. I would like us to line up: Clark Kerr, Vihman, Duffy Ralston Craig Tanser Holt McCann May May be seen as a bit negative, but I think that we need to get confidence back in the defence, and a couple of 0-0 draws playing like this may give them the confidence back, so that we can then look at tinkering with it to bring some of the flair players back in. We would move to a 5-3-1-1 and push one of the central midfielders into the hole and use Kennedy or Swanson in that role. Just think that we need to get back to being hard to beat, first and foremost.
  6. Could be worse ! He could have suggested a management duo of Jackie McNamara and Neil McCann
  7. Not bothered either way about Foster going. Experienced player, but seems to have a bit of an attitude problem. Problem that I see is that he provided cover for Tanser as well, so this means that we may need to sign both a left back and a right back to cover the squad. Looking forward to Swanson coming up against him when we play Ross County though
  8. Saint Paul


    Definitely some strange picks in the goalkeepers and defence. Hanley has always been a bomb scare, so cant understand why he is in the squad. Surely there are other players out there that Clark could be looking at. Midfield continues to look strong, but we are lacking upfront again as well. Surprised that Fletcher wasnt included as don't really see where the goals are going to come from. So, we have dodgy keepers, dodgy defenders and no goal threat - I think we can predict how the next two games are going to go.
  9. I thought that Bulletproof was only at McDiarmid on a Tuesday and a Friday. Why are people expecting signings out with these days ? No rumours of potential signings at McDiarmid yesterday, so I am not expecting any further news until Friday.
  10. Is there someone that is going that is going to take notes or record the Q&A and be able to type up a transcript for those of us that cant go ?
  11. Really disappointed that in the 2 weeks since our last game, we have not signed the striker we so desperately need. This has been a position that was identified as being a must before the end of last season, yet we are into the third league game of the season without this position filled with any decent quality. This summer has been the most underwhelming transfer window for a long time but I don’t understand why we are having to wait till the last hours of the window to make a signing that every man and they’re dog could see that we were crying out for. Even pre-season should have made the alarm bells ring. We are over a month since the Stevie May saga but are still in the same position. The club should have moved on to other targets rather than hanging about until the end of the window and see who we can pick up. Poor from the club.