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  1. This is no Gretna. Kelty are sustainable. It’s not all about money. How many of their squad do we recognise or have even heard of?
  2. We weren’t losing games by much, but latterly we were. The defence can’t cope with constant pressure due to a poor midfield and attack unable to hold the ball. All it took was one at the back to lose form or to start to make mistakes under the increased pressure. Not easily fixed without decent recruitment in the right areas and perhaps a change of style. All the stats and graphs make grim viewing. CD says we will be better. We shall see.
  3. Mainstand suffering from confirmation bias? Won’t accept he was horrendous in 2020. Especially won’t accept that occasionally Random is right. We were calling him clownshoes game after game, epitomised by the goal he conceded at home to Motherwell. The turnaround hasn’t proved us wrong, simply that he went from so bad to the kind of performance that won us the match at Tananarive.
  4. My issue is the lack of transparency in and the withholding of government data. How many in hospital and icu solely because of covid? How many of those are vaccinated/unvaccinated? Selecting two health boards and publishing their data may be a politically motivated attempt to keep us guessing and keep us divided. Without accurate and true national figures answering my two questions I am unable to assess whether restrictions are proportionate or disproportionate. None of us can. As ever, the politicians are playing politics. I don’t trust them. And they’ve shut me out of football too.
  5. We should try that against Hearts. We could beat them 5-0. Away. Easy.
  6. Or the same player being turned inside out for the second goal.
  7. How many times has the golden boy wasted possession, failed to challenge, etc. This is poor from CD.
  8. I only wish he had also pointed out who was nowhere to be seen as Morelos scored. Can’t figure out who it was.
  9. Don’t recall TW singling out a player like this.
  10. County lose to Celtic by more than we do to Rangers then we’re off the bottom
  11. No point looking at last season’s table. I don’t buy this slow starters and bottom by Xmas idea either. All that matters is where we are now, and it isn’t looking good. To say a couple of wins and we’re up the league is fine, but where are the wins coming from? It looks bleak right now. Needs sorted.
  12. andrew

    Fouls Per Card

    Let one complain and another next time. Better still, leave the captain to have a word. Many of our yellows and reds were easily avoided.
  13. I’d need to see that backheel flicked clearance once more that he attempted that Celtic scored from before I can agree.
  14. I was telling my daughter the other day about being raised in Perthshire in the 70’s. I did not see a black person, a gay person or a disabled person, apart from on tv, until I was in my 20’s in the 1980’s. Our parents provided for us in terms of food, clothes and a roof over our heads, but we were mostly left to get on with it. I can’t recall my parents ever asking me about my job or giving me advice or even having a discussion about what I was doing or intending to do. Times have changed massively and, for some, that may take a bit of getting used to, including appropriate and inappropriate use of language.
  15. No check if you had a parking space though, just waved through.