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  1. We will be bottom at new year but then VAR will come to our rescue against the nasty refereeing errors that put us down there in the first place.
  2. If only someone had had the foresight to copy it at the time. Must have known it’s get deleted.
  3. Did any of our players manage 90 minutes all season?
  4. None of our players managed 90 minutes all season.
  5. 0-0’s then penalties, that’s the plan
  6. I wonder how we have treated some of our young players.
  7. You say negative, some would say realistic. If we can’t score, we can’t win. Hopefully we avoid Kelty, Montrose, Forfar and anyone else who’ve beaten us in recent seasons
  8. I understand the need for pragmatism, but not season long negativity. At what point do folk decide it’s not worth going as the entertain value is as close to zero as it can get?
  9. He is an ultra - ultra defensive. He sets us up to be solid and to defend. Celtic’s movement and tenacity was outstanding, but what a disappointment. Our players, especially at the back, looked to take a touch but before they could get a second it was taken off them. Left at 5. When is CD leaving? We can’t defend our way to safety or to promotion. Things were grim at times under TW but this has been a hard shift to watch this season. Utterly dreadful.
  10. I’d guess James Brown instead of Rooney. Cleary declared fit, so imagine he’ll be in.
  11. No match thread? We’re heading off shortly. No idea how it’ll turn out but with James Brown back in the squad we can be sure of an ultra defensive lineup. Ange not taking any complacency. Will we get out of our own half?