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  1. I see the media are hyping Hibs up again saying what a tall order it will be for Saints. Just like the four tall orders last season then.
  2. I wonder how many other clubs, or should I say SLO’s, go to such lengths to help fans in this way. Much appreciated as when life gets in the way you can’t always organise things the way you’d like. Bev has come to the rescue for us many times.
  3. Everyone, including the media, seems to fail to point out that Griffiths ran from his own half to kick the flare/smoke bomb. Am I wrong? Where was he on the pitch when we scored?
  4. Smart move? Would he ever have been picked by dinosaurland? Maybe he was advised that his earnings potential would rise significantly.
  5. Not a chance. He’s gone. Not forgotten. But gone.
  6. Thought that myself at the time but no one would be brave enough to criticise the player. We’d all do the same given the choice.
  7. You’ll be welcome, but not if you support Galatasaray
  8. First time we’ve not worn our club’s colours to a match. Only saw one St Johnstone top among the fans. Weird. We wore our old Juventus tops. Stewards asked us home or away, and to please be honest. I asked why they were asking as there weren’t meant to be any away fans, when did it change, what happened, etc. Only when I was sure we’d get in did I admit our true leanings. How were they meant to enforce that anyway with a general sale of tickets. It’s not as if it was like us v Galatasaray. St Mirren seem to have lost it, whatever it is.
  9. I’d rather have been there as an away fan.
  10. As he was when asked in a interview if he knew how much money was at stake if we beat LASK. He knows,
  11. It’s a newsletter. It’s weekly. Why the disdain? Have you listened to their podcast or read their pieces on Saints this last while? It’s worth a go. Better than lots of other media with their Glasgow bias.
  12. I’ve signed up for this today. Usually good material from them. Their podcast is also a good listen - all football. Dogger Saints is good but a bit much non-football chat for my liking, but then I’m not in my 20’s or 30’s any more, so tales of nights out or other life experiences don’t interest me. Sorry Sam and Danny no offence intended. Dogger is a good listen too.