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  1. Similar to St Johnstone in the mid 80’s or thereabouts? More examples in England over the years.
  2. My irrational aversion to international football. Liked it when growing up years ago, now it’s mostly dull. Interrupts the season too much. You’re right though, they are winning now and when did Scotland last go seven undefeated?
  3. Cancelled would be better.
  4. Working on iphone8 linked to tv. Not working on old iPad
  5. I’m going to say he’s Jewish, judging by his surname and place of birth. Whether he’d be a secular or religious Jew I don’t know, but if I had to guess I’d guess secular. Oh, and it gets dark in Israel by 5pm and snows there sometimes too. If he can score a goal that’ll do for me. If he scores we can all shout “ken” which is Hebrew for “yes” or “toda” which is thankyou. Welcome Guy.
  6. Maybe so, but it was painful viewing regardless of the result.
  7. Seems more scrambled than intentional to me, apart from Muzz, who is usually determined not desperate.
  8. All the chat about chances. What chances? Desperate.
  9. County and free kicks spell trouble for us. Tanser didn’t have to do that. Vigurs has scored a few from that position. Stupid.
  10. What’s with all the lessons? I never had to pay £6 for postage as I could go to campus or the club shop. The COO post was somewhat unnecessary too. You having a bad day or something?
  11. Yes, general direction, of course, but within those parameters he’s stepped back. KR is way more than a manager, I’d say.
  12. Some good points there. The only thing I’m not with you on is who is running the club. It’s isn’t SB any more. Is anyone else noticing the outsourcing of kit and programs, for example. Passing the risk to others? However, I’m not paying £47 for a top and £6 postage to a company that isn’t Saints or Campus this season. I’ve always bought both tops. As you say, costs down is as important as marginal revenue bringing profits. Interesting times.
  13. Let’s see how we go against St Mirren, Motherwell, County and Livi. Then we’ll see. I think we’ve plenty to be safe but I’ve no idea what our potential best might be.
  14. Modern world doesn’t do common sense. If we were treated like children before imagine how they’ll revel in herding us now!