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  1. People can be very unforgiving and judgmental. What hope is there for anyone if that attitude prevails. Not that I’m advocating leniency.
  2. You’ve named twelve players
  3. He should be impeached for incitement.
  4. andrew


    And those shots on target are limited as it is, thus his conceded ratio to shots on target is the worst in the league. It’s not hard. As Pat said, this deterioration is over 18 months and every other keeper is measured the same way and Zander is, indisputably, bottom. The stats are not interpreted or made up. Just simple
  5. andrew


    Worth mentioning that critical analysis is good but outright criticism or slagging is not good
  6. andrew


    None so blind........
  7. andrew

    League position

    Motherwell 0.955 if it stays as it is
  8. andrew


    Definitely, and its magnified this season if the defence limit shots from the opposition to two and one of them goes in. This is compounded by our profligacy up front and means we lose the game and struggle near the bottom of the league in perilous times.
  9. andrew


    I’ll agree with that. I could hardly believe what I was seeing today. Good on him for that but he has a long way to go to improve our extremely poor stats on a goalkeeper conceding the highest number of goals as a % of shots on all keepers in the league. That’s a stat that can’t be argued with. The defence have limited the opposition’s chances but still 1 in every 2 shots results in a goal.
  10. andrew


    I agree with Randoom and Radford.
  11. They think they’ve been affected more than most! They actually said that. That isn’t an apology it’s an excuse.
  12. We have 38 games to play and so there’s plenty of time to find our form and get a few results. We can’t be certain that the government won’t panic and shut things down again. We are perilously close to where we do not want to be, good squad or not, should there be something similar like the end to last season. Poor management from CD to have us in this position? So many frustrations, as many have already articulated whether by what we have witnessed or by statistics.
  13. This, and your earlier post, contains some great memories. D’you think the young ones will have as many great memories? Even though we were garbage for years there were some highs in amongst them, as you say, beating St Mirren. We were a yo-yo club for a long time. Sometimes the yo-yo broke and stopped at its lowest position :)
  14. We were copying teams in England like Carlisle and Luton who came up to Divisiin 1 (the top league, none of this premiership nonsense) and then suffered successive relegations, ending up in the bottom division. Struggled against Albion Rovers, East Stirling, Montrose and many others back then. Some of our recent performances remind me of some of those dark days when we nearly went bust but for Geoff Brown.