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  1. Observe a courtroom for even a little while and you can see what a huge amount of money is being wasted daily. Lawyers hanging about for hours waiting on their case then asking for a deferral.
  2. I don’t get all the Jamie McCart helped Kerr and was the reason we turned it around last season. Kilmarnock away 4/12/19 (it was freezing), was the start of our resurgence when Liam Craig and Liam Gordon came back into the side and we first saw Callum Booth play for us. Just after the dreadful 0-4 at Motherwell we picked up twelve points from 8 games with these players before February when Jamie McCart started. They were no less responsible than Jamie McCart for our sixth place finish, the latter not coming in until the 3-3 draw with Hearts on 1/2/20. We then gained 12 points from the next 8 games until the season was halted. Everyone deserves credit for that turnaround.
  3. andrew

    Season Tickets

    Man. Water. Rod. Line. Bait.
  4. iPhone iPad pc - not working on any of them
  5. Can’t say I’m surprised. The people who control our game are at it. Manipulation? Probably. Bullying? Probably. Untrustworthy? Definitely.
  6. andrew

    WAP being weird

    My issue appears to be resolved. Thankyou
  7. andrew

    WAP being weird

    It’s hardly a major issue but nevertheless still very annoying. We get a great enhancement with all the videos but then we have to lose something.
  8. I use my iPhone to read the forum, tapping on the star next to a thread with unread posts. Suddenly it has stopped going to the first unread post and goes randomly to something that might be the top of a new page. Anyone else have this issue?
  9. Good work. Look forward to some nostalgia.
  10. I may we’ll be in a minority of one but I couldn’t care any less about the “Champions” League, or internationals. Same teams, same players, year after year. That’s fine if you like it but I am completely disconnected from that scene in a way I’m not when I follow St Johnstone. Given that it’s all about money I can see their priority. Old firm type control but on a bigger scale.
  11. Some kind of Glasgow Champions two legged cup affair sorts that. Horrible that we’re stuck with these gruesome aberrations dictating everything.
  12. I’d like to think that our horrible selfish culture might change after this. Then I look at the bare shelves and question myself.
  13. Taxes will have to go up?