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  1. He’s doing what he thinks is good for his club and player, rightly or wrongly.
  2. In amongst our incredible success we've been tough to watch at times. It's part of what made us so successful and its isn't a complaint. Some of Tommy's matches were dire. That 14/15 GD of 0 was unusual, we're normally minus.
  3. Didn’t we score 23 goals one season under DM?
  4. It’s be cruel, after depriving them of the cup, to overtake them for fifth. It would also be delightful and hilarious.
  5. andrew

    Rangers PPV

    Could be, but usually it’s fine
  6. andrew

    Rangers PPV

    With all its freezing it finishes two hours after the game has ended
  7. I don’t trust anything she says after her managing an abysmal effort v Argentina. Incompetent, no game management. Accused of bullying her players. Why is she on screen?
  8. People can be very unforgiving and judgmental. What hope is there for anyone if that attitude prevails. Not that I’m advocating leniency.
  9. You’ve named twelve players
  10. He should be impeached for incitement.
  11. andrew


    And those shots on target are limited as it is, thus his conceded ratio to shots on target is the worst in the league. It’s not hard. As Pat said, this deterioration is over 18 months and every other keeper is measured the same way and Zander is, indisputably, bottom. The stats are not interpreted or made up. Just simple
  12. andrew


    Worth mentioning that critical analysis is good but outright criticism or slagging is not good
  13. andrew


    None so blind........