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  1. Good work. Look forward to some nostalgia.
  2. I may we’ll be in a minority of one but I couldn’t care any less about the “Champions” League, or internationals. Same teams, same players, year after year. That’s fine if you like it but I am completely disconnected from that scene in a way I’m not when I follow St Johnstone. Given that it’s all about money I can see their priority. Old firm type control but on a bigger scale.
  3. Some kind of Glasgow Champions two legged cup affair sorts that. Horrible that we’re stuck with these gruesome aberrations dictating everything.
  4. I’d like to think that our horrible selfish culture might change after this. Then I look at the bare shelves and question myself.
  5. Taxes will have to go up?
  6. Exactly so. Despite our achievements all we still hear is livi and well, but we’ve quietly gained ground, as we always seem to do,
  7. But Livingston, but Motherwell, blah, blah.
  8. We seemed to channel everything through him. Now that we no longer depend on his ability to run at defences others are getting a chance to be more involved. But the main thing was sorting the defence.
  9. That’s doing a bit of a disservice to existing players. Our recovery started away to Kilmarnock on 4 December 19. That’s when Gordon and Booth began to play instead of Duffy and Tanser. We were undefeated in December. McCart has been doing well, but I’m not sure he’s the main reason. More of a team/squad effort.
  10. My exact thought. He wouldn’t dare and the club wouldn’t let him. Too chicken. Imagine the carnage that could follow.
  11. andrew

    Wage Bill

    Depends on your perspective. I don’t care about me, I care about the club. If it benefits and I appear to lose out a bit, so be it.
  12. That was disappointing and it’s not the first time he’s failed to see someone in a better position or not made a decent attempt. The last two games may have been victories if Drey had passed or shot at the right moment. May have. May not have.