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  1. I mentioned it as it was Beaky who reversed the 5 year Parliament; said not that long ago that she wasnt holding an election. The woman changes her mind more than her knickers. Triple lock being reviewed. Once she gets in next month with her monster majority...what are a few expat votes? Still not convinced? Look at the raging foaming at the mouth when the EU mention UK liabilities that are to be paid following Brexit. "Counsel" (fat cat lawyers) say that it wont be enforceable. Personally, I think that the SNP havent convinced the majority and won't now that Beaky's mob are showing up in Scotland again. Remember in 1952, Scotland was solidly Tory..Perthshire used to vote well in this area and thats before English settlers arrived. Anyway, thats my contribution...a Bientot!
  2. Smarmy is at his best here folks. I remember my parents saying that the SNP back in the day were tartan tories. Now its vote for them and still get tories. Indyref2 is going nowhere. Too many people have a vested interest in the status quo (and lets leave the orangemen out of this one for once). Just think how many people in public sector (central govt...DWP etc) would lose their jobs following independence or those who rely on a public sector pension not sure whether the best wee country in the world will pay up following le grand depart.
  3. If you have knowledge of corruption or fraud, it should be reported to the police.
  4. Nothing makes sense at that place! Would be a delicious irony if they have to do a playoff against the nearest and dearest across the road to stay up.
  5. Hasnt done Boro much far. Slithering back into Champship...Sunderland have also lost their 9 lives and Moysey likely to depart.
  6. They need an expensive management consultant's review to pick everyone's brains (sounds painful) and produce a powerpoint presentation and a glossy report telling us what we..already know. cost so much so they can't implement the recommendations...better management information (the NAO's favourite) and better stock control....
  7. Looking like another season in the lower division for Arabs. Its Falkirk's to fail now...
  8. That covers a lot of football managers. Incidentally, the bethering must be working...Dundee are heading south...yay!
  9. Gussie

    London Attack

    Everything back to normal. Means that parts of ma heid and shoulders will be somwhere in random tourist photos.. BTW interesting story being circulated today..... that armed gendarmes at the Parly entry points were replaced following complaints from our elected members that..... they were "too intimidating".
  10. Gussie

    London Attack

    Yes, very serious stuff. I work in the Westminster region and most of us were sent home. Echoes of recent French attacks.
  11. Notice all these folk outside the Post Office gossiping...ahem..sorry...networking. Probably talking about the price of potatoes...or the recent Jimmy Shand concert?