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  1. what's folks plans for next Tuesday? Any going through or just watching it in the boozer?
  2. Just on the train the now , had to pop into work briefly where are you's heading for in Hamilton?
  3. Alright if one more tags along tomorrow? Cheers Greg
  4. I quite fancy going via the train if anybody else is keen?
  5. thats me transferred deposit x2 (gregor) could you just confirm its been received when you can. cheers
  6. id be keen for the bus at that price, would there be another 48 keen though?
  7. Can I change my return from perth to both ways please?
  8. Is it possible just to get the bus return after the match as ill already be in perth in the day? If somebody could let me know if possible and a price that'd be great thanks
  9. im looking to purchase an old saints top from late 80's - 90's , does anyone have any or willing to part with any? itd be going to a good home, any help would be appreciated thanks
  10. where is the bus booked into before the game? as ill already be through in edinburgh
  11. just recently moved to edinburgh, where will you all be drinking before hand??
  12. has any1 else got a refund yet, not sure if i shouls send them bk yet?
  13. alright john gregor here (manchester) just a message to see what time bus will be leaving for semi final? and ticket situation so we could sit with the busses instead of being on our tod? bringing a man u and man c fan , take them to a real game of football ***, thanks again

  14. well saints tell me phone falkirk and falkirk say phone saints its a farce!
  15. just been on the phone to mcdiarmid, told to phone falkirk fc as saints are having nothing to do with the refunds . . fair enough, so called falkirk and asked and was told if your not a falkirk fan then you wont get a refund unless its from mcdiarmid park, the guy was an absolute t*** dont think he knows what he's talking about grrrrrrrrr
  16. ive been trying to phone mcdiarmid all morning afternoon to see whats happening with these tickets as im know bk in manchester and the rescheduled game is no good for me? i phoned falkirk fc where i was told to go to our ground for refunds is this right? does anybody know whats going on??
  17. if we get presented with the trophy on saturday will this put fans of from going to airdrie??? i know it wont me, ill be trekking up from manchester for both games but it was just a thought
  18. will the trophy get presented nxt week if we win or at airdrie?? and du think the airdrie game will be ticket??
  19. since when have saints done it the easy way???
  20. never mind half full mines is over pouring, we got beat !!! it was going to happen eventually so whats the big deal??? were top with a game in hand against a team that is on an extreme down fall, worry not, all u real saintees know we always do things the hard way !! SJFC 1st division champions 2009, keep the faith, keep ur heads up folks
  21. why should he have to write any new ones, the guy wrote alot of "the best songs ever" and any who disagree are obviously not music fans
  22. roddy grant

    Jade Goody

    i thought better of you all , although im not a fan of her i wouldnt expect any1 to stoop so lowly!! but if it makes you feel BIG then fair enough . . . . losers ! im sure you'd react different if it was ur sister, or mum!! think about it!!! sum of you are very narrow minded!! kepp the arguments to football and not the less fortunate!
  23. we deserve it more so! mon the saintees!!
  24. 7-2 the super j's would do me nice, if any1 deserves it we do , mon the saints
  25. the fact is were top , 16 games unbeaten ( no matter how many wins and draws its been) , why do certain people moan when we were doing not so well at the start of the season and then at the point we are at now they still find points to moan about??