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  1. Is that maybe the Goodfellows and Stevenson café?
  2. Both of those point, make a lot of sense.
  3. Chris Houghton left Notts Forrest. could this be first time Callum is linked with big move?
  4. Yeah I was really surprised how well Brown did at RCB, was slightly worried, but he did pretty well.
  5. Could be all of the above... {crosses everything} {whispers} Genuinely think investing in infrastructure would be a good idea right now. Was disappointed they didn't ear mark some of the Farm for expansion of the training facilitates.
  6. Vertainen can apparently play wide, would rather see him than MoH. With Kane as the figurehead. Happily not see MoH used as anything other than impact sub tbqh.
  7. While I absolutely agree with the wider sentiment. Part of the strategy here should be getting in decent fees, "Scotland doesn't need to be a back water where players go on the cheap." As someone else has pointed out Hibs have held firm with Nisbet (and McGinn before him) and Motherwell have done an excellent job of bringing in decent fees for players in the last 5 years or so. Being a well run club in 2021 isn't just about having money in the bank, its about managing the playing assets and developing and growing the club's reputation, but also growing the fees you bring in.
  8. Training stuff via the Pitch Teamwear stuff goes to 5xl, if that's any help?
  9. MySpazz, can you have badges added on their site? Or have you edited that?
  10. Good article on Cillian Sheridan in the Guardian:
  11. Personally was thinking looked like a really good combination of these two. Really really like this new one.
  12. The one that was there until about ten years ago? Cheers, never knew thats what it was called.
  13. You mocking the accent? Whats that all aboot,eh?