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  1. Training stuff via the Pitch Teamwear stuff goes to 5xl, if that's any help?
  2. MySpazz, can you have badges added on their site? Or have you edited that?
  3. Good article on Cillian Sheridan in the Guardian:
  4. Personally was thinking looked like a really good combination of these two. Really really like this new one.
  5. The one that was there until about ten years ago? Cheers, never knew thats what it was called.
  6. You mocking the accent? Whats that all aboot,eh?
  7. I know he's fifth choice but would only take 2/3 suspensions/injuries and we need him, Hunter less so.
  8. Yeah it's a tricky one I guess. Not sure what other marketing they used further back, always seems silly that stuff gets ramped up when it's on, piece in PA yest and (as you said) on news, maybe more useful when line ups announced/tickets released but then people forget too.
  9. There's big signs on mill street and the high street which have had posters up for ages, the Horscross literature and social media stuff has been plastered in it. All the venues have had posters up, they've had promoted ads on Facebook and Twitter. It's also been on the last 4/5 years and is an established part of the Scottish music scene.