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  1. At the last council elections I ask all the candidates in my district their views and voted for the one who wanted it knocked down. If people wanted it saved they had the chance to do the same.
  2. or on the BBC website, STV website, Courier website etc who are all running articles on the missing flag. Maybe its a plan to get as many people along as possible to tonights under 20 game to see if the flag is back!
  3. The weak referee contributed to this. He spent more time worrying about the fact that Dylan Easton had black shorts under his Saints shorts than getting the decisions correct. His tone towards the players was also wrong (you can hear everything at these games unless Mr Muir is shouting)
  4. A mate of mine works for the council and asked for a number for Saints around 3 or 4 years ago for this. Until today i'd forgotten about it. Even if the carpark was not being used I would have expected Saints to be away as all the local Police and stewards will no doubt be at Gleneagles.
  5. Glad to know that its been returned. I was waiting on the flag getting its own twitter account, facebook page, Kevin and Fiona doing a pre game appeal and Saints TV doing a video appeal.
  6. They are also used in Scotland. Aberdeen had 2 sets working in the goalmouths with in 20 minutes of last nights game finishing.
  7. The Facebook page normally just does half time and full time scores. You should have a look at the mess that is St Mirren's page where they have linked the page to twitter and they do 40 status updates per first team game.
  8. If you want to sit in a white van outside the ground im sure it could be arranged!
  9. I met some who works for bt who actually are responsible for sending each game from BBC/Sky/Bt sport back to the respective studio and he has been told hes 99% certain to be sent to Kirkcaldy that weekend. What he said was lower league game was a certainty. The other ties would depend on the outcome of the ICT v Stranraer reply.
  10. This is heading the same way as the Green Brigade at Celtic but on a smaller scale. The young team have their positive and negative points as well as some not so young members. At present they think they are the atmosphere and at many home games that is the case (its the same at Celtic) but everyone else can play their part. At one point on Saturday there was singing both behind the goal and at the side. No fan or group of fans can represent the support but one group can ruin the reputation for everyone.
  11. There is no such thing as a 5 star stadium any more. The system changed in 2006. Ibrox and Hampden are Elite but McDiarmid would be the level below I think.
  12. Before a game the home club decide for each section whether its seats up or down in each section so say in the "Yellow end" of the East stand the seats could be put up for most games. Your ticket is still for that seat/area and everyone in that section stands. If you want a seat you go else where but those in seated areas also then tend to stay seated so everyone is happy. A bit of extra work for the ground staff at some games.
  13. Agree but I still see school teachers as the key to developing Scottish players as they have undergone proper training rather than some short SFA coaching badges. Of course you can have both as one of the youth coaches in Saints Pro youth is also a trainee PE teacher.
  14. Well give good old Vince an e-mail and help get clubs like yours and many others the money they are entitled to get.