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  1. Nice to beat Nantes main bet tonight guys and gals. A sneaky treble on also, Nice / Dortmund win + over 2.5 goals / Twente Vitesse over 2.5 goals
  2. Solid play tonight. I am on Wolfsburg / Napoli double. Take it to the bank. For some extra value and some fun, Wolfsburg win + over 2.5 goals / Napoli -1 / Real Madrid -2
  3. Newcastle got that job done and so did Benfica last time out. Groningen totally dominated that match and if not from a man of the match performance from Boer in goal for Zwolle saved them. Today I don't have time for a big write up. Tonight I am going to go: Liverpool -1(1.90) / AZ Alkmaar (3.00) Liverpool (1.36) / AZ Alkmaar win/draw (1.60) PSG will most likely put Sochaux to the sword but the odds are no value.
  4. Howdy all, long time no speak. I'll be popping in to give some tips. Do with them what you will but as always, don't bet above your means. This weekend I am on Newcastle. I have a small parlay Newcastle with Benfica and Groningen but the main bet is on Newcastle straight up win. You can find my write up here: Best of luck.
  5. Just text updates
  6. Can't find a stream. Is their no audio for the game from the UK?
  9. Streaming was great 3-4 years ago. Now it is a bunch of ass clowns doing it in browsers. This is the best you will get.
  10. Yeah that was a strange game. Dodgy penalty and Mallorca just couldnt score with an extra man. The odds were still good for that game. Espanyol have continued their good form and are alot higher in the league than anyone could have predicted. This week Ill throw out 3 at juicy odds: Deportivo 2.00 Probably wont be many goals in this one, but I fancy a narrow win for Deportivo. Sporting are horrible away from home with 3 goals in 7 away games. Deportivo fluctuate but have won their last 4 home games, including 3-0 wins over Espanyol and Malaga. Even money is a nice price. AC Milan 1.83 Ive watched both these teams a bit lately, Roma were horrible against a hopeless Bari side last week, Totti missing a penalty and Roma getting the only goal with an offside play. AC Milan deservedly sit top in Serie A. Roma have won only once in 8 away games this season.They couldnt beat Palermo away losing 3-1, could only draw away at Chievo 2-2 and couldnt beat Cluj either drawing 1-1. Roma always look like conceding and if Milan can stop Menez and Totti, they will win. Losing Thiago Silva is a huge blow and Roma will be up for it but man for man and at home, 1.83 is healthy indeed. NAC Breda 1.80 Breda have one of the best home records in the Eredivisie, and have beaten leaders PSV and Twente at home in their last 4 consecutive home league wins at home, scoring 11 goals along the way. Vitesse are up and down, they score a few goals away from home but concede more than 2 a game, while Breda score 2 a game at home and concede less than 1. 1.80 represents great value. Worth a shout also is Shalke and Napoli.
  11. inex

    Rule clarification

    Its an organised event yes with proper appointed referees. The foul happened just inside our half. The ball kept moving, at no point did the opposition recognise the foul or the referee whistle so he just plays on and they score. Its not like they stopped, placed the ball dead and kicked it, the ball just kept moving and I was expecting a free kick where the foul occurred. I think the ref made a mistake but wanted some clarification before I ask him about it next week.
  12. No but maybe they should wipe the slate clean after the 6 group games. This would stop this sort of thing happening anyway, although it could also happen in earlier rounds.
  14. I was playing indoor last week, I know some rules are different than outdoor but....... I fouled a guy and the ref blew the whistle. So I stopped chasing and stopped for the foul, but the ref played on without saying anything and they went and scored. Is this legal? Can the ref play on after blowing the whistle, can the ref play on after blowing the whistle as long as he makes it known by telling the players, or cant he play on after blowing the whistle?