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    First Saints game after being lifted over the style at Muirton in 1965
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  1. Devine could be the signing of the season!! Looks the real deal.
  3. Well done to the squad, the management team and the directors. Almost made it to the 1969 final but my late dad thought I was too young. At least we were both there in spirit yesterday....
  4. lawman

    Euro Memories

    Turkey was a real highlight for the atmosphere before the game and a few days in Istanbul before ( and a full bus of Saints fans going from there to the game!). I also remember in Lucerne some the Saints players ( Tam Scobbie, a bottle in each hand!) sneaking out of the team hotel and joining the fans celebrating in the bar at the risk of getting fines! Thought I shouldn’t post a picture at the time to save anyone getting into bother but as most of them have left us ...
  5. So sorry to hear about Archie Hogg Always had great laughs in his class... and he had a nickname for everyone in those less politically correct days! He used to drink in the Barossa Street Saints club and one day he was in my mum asked him if he would drop some stuff off for me at Aberdeen University! To her surprise he agreed and over the four years I was there he will do that about once a month! Always had a funny comment and a grrrrrr for me every time he saw me but clearly had a heart of gold RIP Archie
  6. Cheers HS - that clears it up then!! (-:
  7. Can anyone explain why at most games : 1. 16-18 year olds get in to the East Stand at reduced prices but not in the West (even at a couple of quid dearer than the East to maintain the pricing difference in both stands?)? 2. Why when away fans are in the West their 16-18 year olds do get a discount but our 16-18 year olds 20 feet away with the same facilities don't? And 3. Why , unlike most clubs, we don't allow students reduced admission on production of the necessary evidence?
  8. 'He's here , he's there He's even got more hair!!' Welcome Faddy!!
  9. Shug Taylor looking to share a taxi leaving about 4am to Basel airport for 7 am flight to Ed Anyone interested?
  10. lawman

    Lucerne Hq

    Bar jumping at Anfield, 2nd rendition of Sweet Caroline just done, 'Stevie Stevie May' on now
  11. Remember Jimmy from Testimonial committees, a hard working and loyal Saintee Sad news. Condolences to his family
  12. lawman

    Lucerne Hq

    Large group has tried Zone 5 and Legends and various problems ( prices / atmosphere etc ) so crowd currently in Anfield Sports bar near centre Easily holds 300+ and owner has already discounted local beer ( 5F - eg compared to 8.50 plus tax Legends for Carlsburg) so suggestion is meet here
  13. Possibly getting ahead of myself but thought it worth mentioning that just in case anyone is thinking of booking holidays at the moment in July, bear in mind that, according to wiki, the winners of the Scottish Cup go into the second qualifying round, the draw for which is on 23rd June with the games taking place on Thursdays, 17th and 24th of July. COYS, let's do this!
  14. Ghosty I can sense a sigh in your reply! Therefore, I won't ask about the chap who was born at 2:45 PM on 15th June and therefore technically becomes over 35 halfway through the tournament! (-: I will be in touch after I get a roundup of bodies but so far we definitely have a team for the over 35's. Cheers
  15. Ghostie, I assume from your reply to 541ntees that in fact there is an over 35 tournament and, in fact, a 35 and under tournament rather than an under 35 tournament as well?! I promise you I'm not being pedantic but I have a few lads who are exactly 35 and it will make a difference as to whether we can put in one or two squads. Perhaps you can just confirm for the avoidance of doubt! Cheers