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  1. The reality is this that is a result that keeps us in premier league sixth place is for the birds
  2. The two games in hand are against rangers and celtic
  3. not at all he could have compared him to Connolly
  4. No there isn't but if you go back to the last time we were relegated ,Geoff himself admitted we should have spent more money to avoid being relegated rather than spend four years in the economic hell hole which is the Championship I will be even worse if we are relegated as we are going to miss out on increased TV money. I would agree that nobody in the club wants to be relegated but relegation may occur by default due to a series of poor financial decisions particularly in the transfer market
  5. In Geoff's day there were four other directors plus Duffer. I fail to see how SB thinks he can run the club on his own as well as a house building firm. I think that is demonstrated by the irregular and ill thought out statements from the current chairman around the playing budget.We were a well run club,not sure that's the case now.
  6. pringles

    Betfred Cup

    thought Kerr had a poor game and giving somebody that age the captaincy is a strange decision
  7. pringles

    Im steaming

    you ever thought about rehab!
  8. I agree with George Grieve all good things come to an end signings have been disastrous look back to previous seasons where we were relegated the following season the pattern of this season looks much like that.Tommy’s support team needs an improvement in quality as without change we will really struggle ultimately we may need more drastic change
  9. Perhaps we are missing Calum Davidson more than anybody realised has had significant impact at Dunfermline
  10. Like Steve listens to the fans What did I suggest?
  11. Perhaps we could look at this from Tommy's perspective. Looking for one last job before he goes back to Northern Ireland where he has kept his house. IF for example Scumdee get rid of McIntyre in January and offer Tommy double what he is earning at Saints would SB match that or just let him go. Similarly if Lennon eventually walks would he turn that down and who could blame him. And so the nightmare begins again in that the board or chairman kiss a lot of frogs before they find the charmed prince. So in conclusion I would say let's leave the chairman in no doubt that a long term contract for TW is the only option
  12. pringles

    Neil Lennon

    People shouldn't forget how helpful Lennon was to saints in provision of training facilities before the cup final. I would also like to express my disgust at the repeal of anti sectarianism chanting by parliament which means my grandchildren will ask me interesting questions like what is a ****** ba***** or a f****** *** or alternatively I should just stop taking them to games
  13. Accept that manager made some mistakes but very concerned re SB ‘s chairmanship. Now lost our physio to Aberdeen operating without CEO Roddy seems to be running about trying to do several jobs for which he isn’t qualified.Steve states he doesn’ t listen to fellow directors several sponsors are not happy how can you sort out contracts keep the organisation efficient by spending two afternoons per week at the club and Steve inherited all this he didn’t create it When Geoff started he had four fellow directors and the business is far bigger now
  14. Whilst it was great to see a lovely guy and great club servant like Dave get a well deserved evening; a couple of points should be made. The speed of service was very poor which was no reflection on the staff serving;there simply weren't enough of them..The time management of the event was non existent.,The last speaker starting at 1150 when people were already leaving doesn't reflect good organisation. In some ways they were the lucky ones, as clearly nobody had told Mr O'Neill that there were a large number of ladies in the audience, as most of his stories seemed to feature fat women and bodily functions and might have been deemed funny in the sixties. However that aside, all credit to the committee for their hard work in organising a worthy tribute to a great player and captain
  15. No completely wrong murrays were at the back post on Saturday also Kevin's were at about 6ft murrays about 2 f sorry misread your post you are completely right schmichael was in goal it was a cup game they were in the top league yogi was their manager Coyle was ours we won 3 0
  16. I think we need to remember that since 2014 we have played more games than anybody apart from Celtic and Aberdeen we have lost two of our best players and we have a very small financial base, so a dip in form was inevitable given injuries.Today we saw a fit Chris Miller giving muzz the confidence to go forward and Easton was rock solid behind Liam with the same result. If we could keep Darnell I think that would be a major step forward, Credit also today to the much criticised Mannus who came out for crosses and made a couple of great saves
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    Yes Or Naw?

    think you should stick to spoiling ballot papers at your age
  18. so what were left wing scots supposed to do smarmy vote labour and still lose,
  19. Nine of those councillors were whooping it up at the council celebration on May 18th. Great credit to the city. Always been a sainted etc etc this is the point where this forum if it is worth anything at all gets right behind the club starts a collective email to our MSP and asks them to get involved. We should get 17000 names.
  20. pringles

    Leeds Utd

    I presume they have a great deal more sympathy for the victim whom Evans has never apologised to
  21. pringles

    Yes Or Naw?

    t There are even less freebies now presumably neither you nor your mother have considered the significant number of people who through no choice of their own are single parents be it due to disability divorce or simply death of a spouse. I am not sure if you know what the cost of childcare is but you might be surprised. I have worked with people of all social classes over thirty years I have rarely met the sort of chancers you describe. Many of the people I work with are highly motivated but have no chance of raising a deposit for a house.They are decent people probably like you and your mum were but now have no chance of getting anywhere.
  22. pringles

    Yes Or Naw?

    well you share a similar tendency to avoid difficult questions? So straight one which you avoided before holocaust happened yes or no?
  23. could you please stop using the immigrant theme at every opportunity. You don,t live here you don,t pay taxes we are a multicultural nation with widespread religious views. the game will be decided on talent not bigotry.