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  1. I've never once used the words beat you up, I made reference to giving you a sore jaw which usually involves one hit, mind you you're such a weasel maybe that would be beating you up:-D:-D
  2. Other way about dickhead you hounded me with pathetic pms. If you want to meet the oldman name the time and place and we will see how brave you are without your keyboard to hide behind. Now get back on ****in topic you pathetic specimen or better still crawl back into the ****ing hole you came out of. By the way ****all you do pisses me off I just feel sorry for you
  3. You're ****in blind aswell. To answer your final question if you integrated into my society I might accept you but I would watch you like a ****in hawk
  4. Well canuck_saint you being the clever one(so you think) I wouldve thought you may well have gathered who I was talking about as the thread is about the despicable cowardly attacks that took place in Paris. Now as far as I'm aware and I'm sure you are aswell these attacks were carried out in the name of Islam by Islamic fundamentalists as indicator quite rightly pointed out. As islam isn't a race my comments couldn't be racist :-/
  5. So that's racist? Dear dear laughable. You really must get out more and away from your nerdy little stalking life. Surprised you didn't take to task an earlier post about an explosion in a kebab shop etc afterall it was printed in a paper and papers do talk shite don't they
  6. Which part of "these people don't enter into dialogue" do you deem as racist?
  7. close to being a good post, one thing youve not got quite right, these people don't enter into dialogue
  8. Decent enough post there Dunc, although you let yourself down a touch at the end, I wouldn't give a toss who played for saints if they produced the goods on the park. Even canuck_saint :-#
  9. correct Dunc and it will be here on our shores before very long. Upto now our intelligence service is doing a good job but it's inevitable that there will be one they can't stop
  10. I'm glad you put that up rik2304 I was going to but canuck_saint would've said it was bollocks so didn't bother. He will win his appeal by the way
  11. best post on this thread
  12. that's where the problem lies, the alleged victim can't really remember what actually happened