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  1. When was the last time we were drawn at home in a cup? We must have some record of away ties
  2. Cummins was the only one to play well on Saturday and Tommy drops him for lappin!!! Man has lost the plot
  3. yes I know fisher was injured but ando was nowhere near ready to play. He was like a deer in the headlights. We were all over the place for first 30 mins of 2nd half. Lappin on for Liam was one of the worst subs ever! As usual Kane gets barely any time and was constantly out wide. Sutton did absolutely nothing but wasnt helped by having no support. If Sutton is going to play then surely Wright has to change the system because it's clearly not working
  4. Absolutely brutal!! Wotherspoon the worst of the lot even Tommy shouted at him for being shite. Saying that Tommy needs a punt up the ****! His subs were woeful. Ando was utterly utterly crap. Total shite well done Tommy
  5. patsy

    Danny Swanson

    a youngster? What's that?
  6. Oh well at least we still have lappin
  7. Has there been any indication whatsoever from anyone at the club that we are even trying to sign Swanson? If he has signed but it's not being announced for the ****ing PA then that's a ****ing farce
  8. patsy

    Jimmy Munro

    Jimmy Munro is my wife's great grandad
  9. It's ok we'll be fine. John Sutton scored 35 goals in the last 2 seasons
  10. Tam ****ing scobbie!! Gtf Tommy
  11. patsy

    Dylan Easton

    Maybe his wage will be put towards a new winger for the first team
  12. how did players from ict, killie, United etc etc become ready for first team football? They got a chance! If Easton plays a couple of games and is guff then so what? He can't be much worse than what was on the park today. Thomson was a breathe of fresh air against Blackpool, if Wright can't see that spoony ain't upto the task then he's in the wrong job
  13. Voted for muzz. If there could be an exact opposite of muzz it would be david wotherspoon
  14. Agree with what others have said wotherspoon was awful and needs some time on the bench. Bit disappointed that Kane didn't get on at all especially since Tommys game plan was muck for 89 mins. I would like to see Kane and Sutton together. Hopefully Tommy doesn't ruin Kane as he clearly has something against youngsters
  15. a very sensible answer thank you. As I went to vote I realised even though it was a fairly decent performance by the team I don't think anybody played well enough to be voted MOTM.
  16. It's pointless playing Sutton if spoony is going to be taking set pieces. He's utterly atrocious! Wasted everything he took today. Really impressed with joes throws though.
  17. Where is the "none of the above" option?
  18. What the **** can they possibly be showing Kane? GO ON AND SCORE!!!!