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  1. There will be no bus to the game on Thursday evening....relayed on behalf of Bob Reid....Scone bus coordinator.
  2. BAROSSA CLUB -Will be open at 4-10pm on Thursday for those heading to Aberdeen Cup game AND open at 11 am this coming Sunday for those heading throught to Hamilton.
  3. Did anyone leave their waterproof jacket on the bus today - IF so give me a PM as I have one that was left on the bus
  4. club is open at 4 pm today for those wishing shelter and a drinky
  5. I can still see mistakes being made -it was always down to a ref whether the offence was yellow or red -
  6. will that be with video evidence or down to the referees point of view at the time like it is now ?
  7. Not into Politics -the folk are as corrupt as each other -why is it that Tony Blair is still walking free following the Iraq war etc - Why do we pamper to Uncle Sam and like little lost sheep follow them into war. Politicians are paid a very good wage considering the length of time they are in Government yet still milk the system both here and in Brussels. Amazing when the Independence vote was about to take place HOW the so called big 3 made time to venture north yet are now fighting over whether the UK should stay in Europe Boris v Dave. Farmers in Scotland particularly in the Borders have always supported the Tories a they know they will get subsidies from Westminster and Europe -so it will be interesting how they vote IF the UK leaves via Brexit bearing in mind the SNP would welcome staying in the European community as they see the benefits of doing so for Scotland as a whole. Yeah the Tories are taking advantage of Labours demise BUT will it be the same result in Scotland if there is a UK exit. Thats where the SNP will benefit and as a result another Scottish referendum. Shit that was a political message ---SORRY
  8. anything below 8 fathoms and my rod is no use
  9. Dan Shek sold the winning ticket -
  10. aye and not a nibble was to be had.
  11. apparently he is in Turkey with Mr Macpherson drinking Efes and Raki -playing Darts and Pool against the locals -seeming 910 games of Pool so far and not lost a frame - 300 odd sets of darts and never lost a leg - hopefully he has the stamina for Wednesday
  12. yer fishing - not for a bit o black pudding
  13. i would start with Henry Hall if Ambrose is playing -----no no no - i would start with Ghostie or Dan Shek if Ambrose plays !!
  14. Larky loves everyone -he is a free spirit (although the buggar hasnae delivered my Spirit) He was an original hippy with flowers in his hair - now he is just a hippy with a piece of waste ground !!
  15. Steve Brown has missed out again - Should have offered Dow a Pre-Contract and got a brand new minibus when Dows Partner didnt want to go to Perth - Surely worth a 33 Seater
  16. Aye the town has its own pi'ed piper.
  17. I once missed the early ferry to Stornoway and ended up rat arsed in Ullapool.
  18. Wonder if they will ask thon lassie who won the share of the Euromillions wi her ex and was in the papers the day complaining about her family wanting more and more from her. Aye and what about Lorraine Kelly etc feeding money into the club -surely she could arrange sponsorship with JD Williams etc
  19. Bloody website playing up Bloody website playing up Bloody website playing up